Acute Low Back Pain Punishment

Acute Low Back Pain

Acute low back pain is the most severe form of misery imaginable. Patients must deal with symptoms which can not be adequately portrayed with mere words. The agony of lower back pain has been described by some doctors as the most painful condition in clinical medicine. Having lived with this life-altering condition for decades, I can certainly attest to the absolute truth of that statement.

Ironically, the severity of pain typically has little, if anything, to do with the seriousness of the causative condition. In fact, for many cases of intractable gut-wrenching back ache, the symptoms may be completely idiopathic in nature or sourced from a minor and transient injury or other structural concern.

This dialog investigates some interesting facts about acute low back pain and its consequential effects on life.

Acute Low Back Pain Conditions

The low back area, commonly referred to as the lumbar spine, has a sinister reputation as a problematic region. Everyone has heard horror stories about the crippling effects of acute lumbar pain and there is definitely a pervasive fear of injuring the lower back among the general population.

There are many atypical spinal conditions which can affect the lumbar region. The most common of these spinal abnormalities are: herniated discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, pinched nerves and degenerative disc disease.

Besides these possible physical causes for acute pain, there is also the possibility that the symptoms might be the result of a mindbody process, a neuromuscular disease, a systemic condition or other source. Psychosomatic back pain is a very common variety of causative condition which is rarely accurately diagnosed, and unless treated properly, will usually result in an ongoing chronic pain syndrome. A great number of doctors are now coming around to accept the role of the mind in all conditions of health and constitutional dysfunction.

Widespread research from cancer to autoimmune disorders to chronic pain all show definitive mindbody links. However, most traditional physicians will still not have the insight or training to even consider that a very physical-appearing pain condition may be caused purely by a nonstructural process. This idea will take much more time and integration into the medical educational system in order to become mainstream.

Acute Low Back Pain Symptoms

The diversity of low back symptoms experienced can range greatly, depending on the particular patient and the true underlying causative condition. The most common of all complaints is blinding pain. This pain might be dull or razor sharp, localized, generalized or radiating. It is often severe, causing waves of back muscle spasm which can quickly debilitate even the strongest of patients. Other symptoms might include tingling or numbness in a specific or generalized area. Perceived or actual weakness might occur in the lower back or legs. Patients might also experience other symptoms which are often related to neurological involvement.

Any sudden and unexplained health concern should always be reported to your doctor immediately, since some symptoms may be indicative of very dire health issues.

Acute Low Back Pain Overview

Acute means severe pain which has come on suddenly. Usually pain which is caused by a physical, anatomical cause will respond well to appropriate treatment by a qualified care provider. Acute pain should not last long and most conditions should be noticeably better in a few days to a few weeks. Longer lasting pain syndromes which become chronic problems, or recurrent bouts of severe acute pain, may be signs that something is amiss in the diagnostic process.

For patients who suspect a stress-related source of suffering, make sure to learn more about how knowledge therapy may be the best path towards a cure. This is particularly important if the patient has already run the gauntlet of traditional back pain treatment choices without enjoying real or enduring relief.

If you are currently suffering from acute back pain, try to relax. Getting stressed out over the pain and fearing for your future will only worsen the symptoms and extend their duration. Many doctors and physical therapists instead advise to gently challenge the condition by moving around carefully and having a positive mental attitude.

Thinking your way to a complete recovery is an important part of any back pain relief program. Pain is a result of mind and body factors, so relief must also include both aspects of our human condition.

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