Arlen Ring Ph.D.

Dr. Arlen Ring

Dr. Arlen Ring is a psychologist with a private practice in Woodland Hills, California. Dr. Ring practices psychotherapy directed at curing patients with tension myositis syndrome. Dr. Ring fully understands the mind/body relationship and supports the teachings of Dr. John Sarno.

Dr. Ring demonstrates a great understanding of the mindbody issues which create psychosomatic pain and has been successful in helping many patients achieve relief from a variety of symptomatic conditions.

It is a great honor and privilege to have Dr. Ring contribute to this website as a member of the editorial board. He offers a lifetime of clinical expertise and practical experience which are so valuable to helping readers make connections between their pain and its possible psychological origin.

Dr. Ring Education and Experience

Dr. Ring graduated from UCLA in 1966 with a BA degree. He proceeded to study and earned his MS from Cal State LA in 1972. Dr. Ring received his PhD from USC in 1981. Dr. Ring has always been interested in mindbody medicine and works closely with like-minded medical doctors.

Dr. Ring is a member of the following organizations:

The American Psychological Association

The Los Angeles County Psychological Association

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health

The EMDR International Association.

He is also adjunct faculty Los Angeles Community College District and a staff psychologist at the Los Angeles Gender Center.

Dr. Ring Contact Information

Arlen Ring Ph.D.
Woodland Hills, CA
(818) 999-0581
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