Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatment

Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatment

Ayurvedic back pain treatment is a very popular method of dorsalgia care in India and in many other areas of the globe. Ayurveda is a traditional Indian healthcare system which has grown into one of the most popular types of complementary medicine in the world today. There is also a East Asian equivalent practiced by many Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Ayurveda is enlightened in many ways, but falls short of modern medicine in others; such as its lack of addressing serious structural issues in the spine. This limitation of available treatment is typical of many complementary health systems, since some patients may require invasive care practices not included in these traditional arts and sciences. However, being that back surgery is so poor in its curative outlook, maybe a system which avoids it completely may be far more enlightened than one might think.

What is Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatment?

Ayurveda is a holistic approach to general health and back pain therapy. It teaches that the patient must address physical and emotional issues in order to reach a state of true health. Ayurveda shies away from pharmaceutical products and modern care protocols and instead sticks to tried and tested traditional healing practices usually revolving around the use of yoga, meditation, exercise, diet and herbal back pain treatment.

Practitioners of Ayurveda rarely use a cookie-cutter approach to care and it is common for each patient to receive case-specific advice about the best way for them to find lasting relief.

The literal translation of the word Ayurveda is The Science of Life. This definition is appropriate, since Ayurveda teaches to maintain wellness rather than simply treat disease. This is the opposite of most modern westernized medicine which focuses on treating disability, illness and injury rather than creating good health.

Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatment Efficacy

Ayurveda can be very effective, particularly for those who truly believe in it. This should be no surprise, since virtually any therapy, regardless of the efficacy of the treatment, can provide noticeable relief by the power of placebo alone.

While the specific therapy recommendations may help calm back pain in some patients, it possible that many enjoy respite from their symptoms due to the mindbody benefits of convincing proactive care. I am not a practitioner of Ayurveda, but have studied the Chinese style for years in association with my martial arts education. I see some point to many of the indicated aspects of treatment, but question others as being seemingly illogical and in some respects, actually counterproductive.

Thoughts on Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatment

I like the holistic focus of Ayurveda. I also like the typical recommendation of avoiding back pain drugs in favor of natural pain management modalities. Most of the exercises prescribed, such as walking, swimming and yoga are excellent for many patients to use to stay active while not aggravating their spinal conditions.The dietary advice is occasionally hokey, at best, and possibly dangerous, at worst. However the main problem I have with Ayurveda is the common recommendation to take bed rest for an extended time frame. This practice is well known to be antiquated in philosophy and detrimental in its application. Bed rest is almost always the worst thing to do for chronic back pain.

The other main problem I have with Ayurveda is the fact that patients rarely, if ever, achieve an accurate diagnosis of what is causing their pain. This single piece of information is the most critical to understand if patients are to have any real chance of finding a true and permanent cure for their suffering.

If you are seeking an alternative approach to back health, it may be best to find an Ayurvedic practitioner who also embraces modern medical science. These combined knowledge healers offer a unique holistic perspective to care backed up by the best proven philosophies of a complete medical education.

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