Back Muscle Overexertion Risks

Back Muscle Overexertion

Back muscle overexertion is a result of working the affected soft tissues in the back too hard or for too long. The natural anatomy of the back muscles makes them perfect for endurance activities. However, even the strongest muscles have a breaking point and pushing yourself to this limit will surely have the potential for causing painful consequences in the back and surrounding areas.

There is much controversy when it comes to the effects of overexertion on the back muscle anatomy. On one hand, fitness experts cite the proven fact that in order to build new muscle, you must first purposefully injure old tissue. It is the purposeful creation of small muscular tears which results in increased muscle mass through the addition of new cells. Meanwhile, on the other hand, there are medical experts who cite repetitive stress injury to be the direct result of this very same process.

The place where these 2 ideologies meet is the subject of debate. Mainly, where is the line between constructive muscular injury and degenerative muscle injury? This essay explores this very question and provides answers that can guide patients in their treatment efforts.

Causes of Back Muscle Overexertion

Overexertion, without specific back injury, is nothing to worry about. The condition can be miserable for a day or two, but should get better within 24 to 72 hours.

The pain exists for 2 main reasons associated with overuse and repetitive strain. The first reason is the build-up of the metabolic waste product called lactic acid. Muscles normally can get rid of this waste chemical with time, but overtired tissues will allow it to accumulate and cause pain.

The second reason for discomfort is the natural occurrence of small rips and tears in muscle and tendon fibers. By tearing a muscle, new tissue is produced. In fact, this is a purposeful result of bodybuilding, since the only way to increase muscle mass is to damage it a little at a time.

Overexerted Back Muscle Treatment

No treatment is needed for simple overexertion. It is crucial that you rest the area and do not work it for at least 3 days, to prevent more serious injury. If the pain is significant, try ice for the first 24 hours, followed by heat for the next 24 to 48 hours. This will help reduce inflammation and then facilitate healing.

OTC pain relievers can be used, but only if needed. Regular use of these products can have a variety of negative health effects, so avoid them when possible.

Massage will also work well to speed healing. Think gentle and relaxing, rather than vigorous and aggressive.

A relaxing swim will do wonders for many instances of muscular overexertion. The water removes the effects of gravity, while the stroke allows fast and gentle metabolizing of waste chemicals. Go into the pool feeling sore, come out feeling great!

Back Muscle Overexertion Guidance

If you worked too long or performed too many physical chores around the house, just be careful. Next time, try to work smarter instead of harder. Take breaks and choose tasks which use different sets of muscles.

If you are purposefully enacting overexertion in a attempt to bulk up in size and strength, just be sure that you know what you are doing. If not, you can cause some serious structural issues which will have the opposite effect intended. If there is any doubt, hire a certified personal trainer to get you on the right path to a better body, without the constant pain after every workout.

If your muscles are continuously sore even after giving them adequate rest, you may be suffering from an ischemia pain syndrome. These extreme common conditions are the leading cause of chronic pain throughout the body and can be effectively cured using appropriate therapy. Our proprietary pain relief program is available 24 hours a day to help you right now.

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