Swimming for Back Pain Rewards

Swimming for Back Pain

Swimming for back pain relief is one of the great benefits of this terrific form of back exercise. Swimming is one of the best forms of physical activity for your general health. It is a perfect non-impact exercise which can be enjoyed at any age.  

Many people ask me the fastest way to get in shape and stay in shape and I always answer with the truth: swimming. I credit this fitness activity for keeping me healthy, despite a variety of serious spinal issues. Swimming is the perfect form of exercise, combining resistance work with extreme cardiovascular conditioning.

This tutorial explains how people with back pain can best benefit from swimming and water-related exercise activities.

Swimming Back Pain Relief

Swimming can be a valuable tool for temporarily relieving many common forms of back pain. It is especially effective at helping to heal and prevent muscular back pain. Back muscle pain is one of the most common forms of chronic dorsopathy.

Swimming provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. It is much kinder to the joints than jogging, but equally effective. Many people suffering from chronic back pain have a difficult time performing any strenuous forms of exercise. Swimming is an ideal solution, since the water counteracts the force of gravity and takes pressure off the spine and the back muscles. This lightening of the load often relieves some forms of back pain. This explains why so many patients feel instant relief the minute they submerge themselves in the pool.  

Swimming increases general circulation. More circulation means more oxygen will reach the affected back muscles. This increased oxygenation will provide temporary relief for ischemia symptoms.

Swimming also acts as a form of resistance training. Pulling your body through the water will build strong, lean muscle fibers. Swimming is a great full body workout.

Swimming for Back Pain Cautions

Observing the following cautions will help to maximize enjoyment of swimming, increase its therapeutic properties and decrease the risk of suffering any negative consequences from this wonderful fitness activity:

Do not swim alone, even in a safe and well known controlled environment. Always be accompanied by a friend, or preferably, supervised by a lifeguard.

Do not swim for one hour after eating in order to allow digestion to occur. Failure to follow this rule might create painful gastric cramping or disturbances.

Do not swim when you are taking any pain medication that may cause drowsiness or muscular problems.

Do not swim in deep water unless you have adequate safety precautions in place. Beginner swimmers should only swim in water deep enough for them to still be able to stand.

Taking swimming lessons is a great idea at any age. Not only will novice swimmers gain more skills in the water, but they will also become more confident and lose any fear that may prevent them from getting the most benefit from their time in the pool.

Swimming for Back Pain Guide

I love swimming. It is truly one of my great passions in life. I can’t live more than 5 minutes away from the ocean or I think I might die. Luckily for me, I can walk to the ocean from my home.

I prefer to swim in the ocean, rather than a pool. I find the waves more of an invigorating experience and do not miss the chlorine. However, I belong to the local healthclub and swim there at least 4 times every week. The pool is not the best, but it is sufficient and the hot tubs are nice before swimming. Best of all, the monthly membership is incredibly affordable, making each visit cost approximately 1 dollar or less.

I have been swimming my whole life and can attest to the efficiency of this great form of exercise. As my ability to actively participate in full-contact martial arts diminished with age, swimming really kept my body in good form. It also truly soothes me emotionally. I feel most at home in the water.

Swimming for back pain is one of the best and most holistic of all treatments you can use for many diagnosed conditions. Give it a try. You might just love it so much that you will continue swimming long after you have found lasting back pain relief. I detail my personal swimming program for back care in my Back Exercises and Stretches book as part of our lauded Cure Back Pain Forever Program.

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