Back Pain and Hemorrhoids

Back Pain and Hemorrhoids

Back pain and hemorrhoids can be related in causation and are often found together. In fact, piles are much more commonplace in people with many different types of chronic pain, but are especially prevalent in back pain sufferers. 

Being that both of these conditions are true torture to endure, it seems especially cruel that they are often working in tandem to ruin a person’s life! Why are hemorrhoids so frequently seen in people who suffer with back pain? Additionally, what treatment challenges does back pain present for hemorrhoid sufferers and vice versa? 

This focuses discussion provides crucial information on the relationship between hemorrhoids and chronic back pain. We will explore why these 2 conditions are often found together and how they can be treated effectively.

Back Pain and Hemorrhoids Hell

Back pain is a terrible burden to bear. It is a misery and prevents normal functionality. In fact, back pain is a leading cause of disability in the developed world.

Back pain is often found in combination with other chronic health disorders, such as digestive woes, headaches, depression and yes, even hemorrhoids. 

Meanwhile, hemorrhoids are most often blamed on straining while using the toilet or on sitting for an extended length of time on a day to day basis.  While these activities can certainly worsen hemorrhoidal symptoms, there is actually little evidence that either of these things truly causes hemorrhoids. Just ask the countless people who are never constipated, do not sit often or for long and never strain, yet still suffer horrible piles!

Additionally, both conditions suffer from tremendous mythology as far as causation and treatment are concerned. There are a vast number of treatments for back pain, yet few are effective and most are never necessary. Similarly, there are many hemorrhoid therapies, but most never cure the problem and many make things much worse. Sounds a lot like spinal surgery...

Why are back pain and hemorrhoids so difficult to effectively treat? Why do they love to keep each other company for a double dose of misery? Let’s explore further!

Back Pain and Hemorrhoids Causation

We write much on this web resource about how back pain is typically misdiagnosed. If we had to state the most common actual source of chronic back pain that we have witnessed in the general population, it would surely be regional ischemia. Ironically, this is also one of the least often diagnosed causes of back pain, proving just how clueless modern healthcare sciences are when it comes to the actual origin of back pain suffering. No wonder all the therapies offered provide disappointing therapeutic outcomes… They are rarely directed at the true source of pain!

Ischemia can also cause hemorrhoids to occur directly. When oxygen deprivation occurs in the blood vessels around the anus, the chances of painful clots forming go way up. Blood does not flow as intended by nature and hemorrhoidal tissues tend to become thrombosed with clots until they are acutely painful. Sound familiar?

Even if you take ischemia completely out of the equation and simply focus on structurally or functionally-motivated back pain complaints, it is still easy to see why hemorrhoids might develop. Back pain sufferers tend to demonstrate atypical posture and positioning due to antalgic reactions. In essence, they do not find comfort easily due to their pain and the reactions their bodies create to avoid pain. Often these postures and muscular clenches are the direct cause of hemorrhoids, since they stress the tissues that surround the anal area in the buttocks. This is particularly true for patients who suffer from lower back pain.

We wrote a dedicated article on buttocks clenching and find that so many patients with problematic lower back pain are guilty of this seemingly innocuous act. However, this chronic clenching is a major cause of hemorrhoids, so be warned…

Back Pain and Hemorrhoids Treatment

Back pain is greatly misunderstood and often treated using a variety of practices which are not needed, not effective and not even safe. We know that many patients are worsened by their treatment, instead of helped by it. At least this number receives care which does not necessarily injure them more, but certainly does not provide an tangible benefit that extends beyond transient placebo. Few patients actually find a cure for chronic and recurring back pain. It is a sad truth. The primary reason for this fact, as noted above, is the epidemic occurrence of misdiagnosis of back pain’s true causes.

We find the exact same problem with hemorrhoid treatment. Many patients do not fit the typical mold of constipated, obese, all-day toilet sitters. In fact, they are fit, healthy and have perfectly functioning digestive systems, yet still develop horrible hemorrhoids. Doctors are often puzzled, but apparently not enough to revise the antiquated beliefs that all piles are caused by the same factors. 

We know for sure that most hemorrhoids can be prevented using mindbody therapies, posture therapy and simply being conscious of tension in the body. This is true regardless of the cause of existing back pain. If you have been suffering with both of these torments, there is hope for you. We highly recommend further research on the subject of knowledge therapy and a complete revision of why you think you have pain in both locations. A paradigm shift in thought and consciousness is the first step in finding lasting relief!

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