Empathy for Back Pain Frustration

Back Pain Frustration

Back pain frustration is something I know a lot about. I could write a whole book on this subject. (Actually, I already did. Several, in fact!) Many back pain patients feel a sense of powerlessness as their symptoms begin to control their lives. This feeling of extreme aggravation can be almost as bad as the pain itself or even worse in some cases. I know this all too well after suffering without relief for decades, despite my doing everything possible to find a cure. Frustration is a natural reaction to any form of unresponsive chronic pain and is an emotion shared by so many of us who endure these torments each and every day.

This discussion explores the hopeless frustration suffered by so many patients who just can not find relief from their pain. We explore the reasons for poor treatment results and the general medical mismanagement of a wide range of chronic pain problems.

Frustrating Patient Experiences

When someone has pain, they expect that their doctor can and will help them. If their doctor cannot help, they know that the specialist they will be referred to certainly will. The specialist does a series of tests and makes a diagnosis. The patient is fearful of the scary sounding condition. Degenerative disc disease or pinched nerves are good examples of fear-inspiring back pain nomenclature.

The patient is at least relieved, since the problem has been found. Now, the treatment can begin and the pain will go away. Right? No, not necessarily. Many patients go through the medical system without ever finding any cure for their agony. Back pain frustration starts to set in around the time that the first treatment does not show any positive results.

Weeks, months, or years later, many patients are still searching for back pain relief. They have tried the traditional approach, the alternative approach, and everything in between. By this time, the patient is nearing the end of their rope, both physically and emotionally. The pain is still there and might even be steadily worsening. The emotional experience of disappointment after disappointment is draining and depressing.

After 18 years of back pain frustration, I was at my wit's end. I was so fed up with doctors, therapists, and broken promises that I was ready to give up all hope of a cure. Looking back on it, it was certainly one of best things that ever happened to me.

The End of Back Pain Frustration

Once I had abandoned all hope of finding a cure in the medical system, I turned my attentions to different possibilities. Knowledge therapy was one of the alternative options I explored with great interest. It turned out to be the magic bullet that banished my back pain. Giving up on the commonly accepted treatments turned out to be my best option.

I know the feeling of eternal frustration. I know how aggravating it can be losing time from your life suffering every day with back pain. I know how it feels to spend so much energy and money on treatments, just to have them completely let you down. I know because I did it all.

Some of my pain did come back with time. However, the feeling of frustration is not as bad this time around. I no longer subscribed to the myths of pain and no longer spent time and money pursuing ineffective treatments. I found this really cut down on the frustration factor.

Eventually, my perseverance paid off and I found a true and lasting cure using the practices that would eventually become our now world famous pain relief program. At least my suffering went to good use in helping many, many others to recover, as well.

A New Beginning

If you are a patient with a history of chronic treatment resistant back pain, you feel as if you might have written this article yourself. You may have lost faith in medicine and feel that something must be wrong with the world for allowing you to suffer for so long.

The world is fine actually. The problem is your blind faith.

Take the reins and control your own destiny for a change. Investigate the possibility that your back pain might be different than you and your doctors believe. Misdiagnosis of back pain is certainly a big problem in the medical industry.  If their diagnosis was correct, than how come all the treatments have failed? It makes no sense.

Turn your frustration into action and work smartly instead of just flailing around in the dark. Learn about why you may have pain and research your way closer to a cure. This is the exact path I have chosen and I hope it works out for you, as well.

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