Does Back Pain Relief Exist?

Back Pain Relief

Back pain relief: There have never been more beautiful words spoken. I picture heaven on earth when I conceptualize a life without back ache and the chronic suffering which has become so much a daily part of my life. I know that you must feel the same.

As we all know, finding that goal of lasting relief can be a very convoluted and confusing process. We have tried so many avenues to enact a cure for the pain, but none seem to be the right combination to end it once and for all. We are all tired of treating our pain and living day to day with the fear and misery we must endure. It is a frustrating ordeal and one that has left me both disheartened, yet somehow inspired to help others, using the power of my own personal hell.

Finding true back pain relief is a dream for millions of suffering patients around the world. There is a good chance that you are one of these lost souls who has endured so much agony without any success in ridding yourself of torturous back pain.

I completely understand what you are going through, since I endured horrific lower back pain for so much of my life and now have a variety of other spinal concerns, including neck pain. In my experience, finding that elusive cure for chronic pain is much like fantasizing over winning the lottery. Sure, someone out there does it, but the majority can only imagine how wonderful it must be.

Structural Back Pain Relief

The overwhelming majority of diagnoses presented to patients with chronic pain revolved around structural spinal issues thought to be causative for their suffering. This is what we all know from our experiences in the medical system.

In many cases, these diagnoses are correct and prove that an irregularity, injury or disease process has affected our vertebrae, discs, muscles or other anatomical structures to cause us pain. In these scenarios, treatment rendered is most often successful, regardless of whether it is conservative or surgical. This is of course, as long as the therapy is indicated and ideal for the diagnosed condition and the care provider does a good job in delivering it.

Structural back pain is not known for being chronic. Most anatomical issues can and will be corrected using appropriate methods of care. For patients who have been diagnosed with structural issues, but have not recovered despite active and multiple attempts at treatment, the diagnostic theory may be flawed and the structural issues may simply be coincidental to the pain. I see this happen often, including in my own case! Therefore, I will go on to talk more about lesser discussed types of symptoms.

Back Pain Relief Topics

These studies on pain relief will help any patient to better their chances of limiting the effects of dorsopathy in their life:

Pain is just a part of what makes dorsalgia such a burden. 

The back might be the target for pain, but the effects are systemic, affecting every aspect of mind and body health.

So many patients write to us seeking back pain advice, so we have created a dedicated essay covering the topic from a unique perspective.

Every patient needs to know about back pain, so we continue to craft topical dialogs to help them achieve their research goals.

Coping strategies can assist any patient in dealing with the ramifications of chronic pain.

Back pain prescriptions vary, but virtually every patient can enact changes to improve their lives and minimize their pain.

Preventing back pain can improve the future and reduce the occurrence of flareups.

Over the counter relief is often less dangerous than using prescription-strength drugs. However, all drugs demonstrate risk factors, including OTC medications.

We are proud to be the number one source of objective back pain information on the world wide web.

Support groups can help patients through a sense of community and shared suffering.

Combined care practices can provide multiple treatment options all within the same facility for super convenient treatment.

Bed rest for back pain is a traditional approach to acute symptoms, but can spell disaster for people with chronic expressions. If you are trying to use bed rest as a therapy, you must be sure that you choose the best mattress for back pain. Additionally, finding the best sleep position for back pain should help considerably. 

Relieving back pain must be a joint venture between care providers and their patients.

Back pain flare ups can create worry for the future and daily anxiety.

Back pain relapses can bring any patient right back into a world of suffering at a moment's notice.

Pressure points might be able to be manipulated to provide relief from pain.

Relief for chronic pain often comes with a significant price. Many treatments demonstrate serious risks and side effects that may rival the pain itself.

Our back pain FAQ section provides a quick look at some of the most commonly asked questions and our expert answers.

Stay up to date on the latest back pain news right here.

Our back pain guide will help you to get started on the process of recovery. It's free and you can use it right now!

Finding Back Pain Relief

The Cure Back Pain Network websites are here for a reason. I offer free information on every aspect of back ache and many related conditions. My goal is to help you get on the right path to good health and so I work diligently to provide the latest research, statistics and articles which can help you to achieve this end.

I also have put together a wonderful editorial board of back pain experts who are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with the ravages of many different diagnosed dorsopathy conditions. I hope that together, we will be able to complement the care you receive from your doctor and help to provide you with that impossible dream of a cure.

Psychosomatic Back Pain Relief

Psychosomatic pain is caused by a psychoemotional process, but is experienced in 100% the physical body. Psychosomatic pain is:

Absolutely real
One of the most common forms of pain
One of the least diagnosed causes
Virtually universal in the human population

Psychosomatic pain is not:

All in your mind
Anything to be ashamed of
A sign of weakness or mental illness

Yes, I know what you are thinking, but I can assure you that psychosomatic pain is not at all what you imagine it to be. It is crucial to understand the interactive process between the mind and the body, regardless of what type of back problem you have diagnosed with. I will not try to convince you that you have any particular type of pain. I just want to offer you a complete picture of all possibilities, since no other single online or offline source does.

Finding back pain relief is contingent upon diagnosing the correct causation of symptoms. This is where the process often goes astray. Medical doctors are not educated or trained in dealing with psychological conditions. They view the body as a great machine which can be fine tuned through medical engineering. They develop thousands of therapies to treat hundreds of spinal conditions. They are so involved in the field of structural back pain that some have lost their way and neglected one of the most prevalent sources of suffering. They are looking at the smallest details in the spine, but sometimes neglect to examine the human as a whole. They might lack holistic observation skills. They typically do not account for the interaction between the mind and the body.

They unfortunately do not see the forest for the trees.

Most back pain is blamed on some spinal abnormality. These minor conditions are so common and mainly asymptomatic in the general population that it is difficult to take them seriously as the primary causes of most back pain syndromes. This theory is supported by widespread medical research which shows little correlation between common spinal conditions, such as herniated discs, and the incidence of back pain. In these cases, the physical abnormality surely exists, but is not the true source of symptoms. It may be contributory or may be coincidental to the symptoms and completely innocent of their cause. These back pain scapegoats take the blame for psychosomatic pain in about 95% of cases. This helps explain why so many patients never find relief, despite a diagnosis and continuing active care.

My Back Pain Relief

I am a normal guy. I never believed or disbelieved in psychosomatic pain because I did not actually know anything about it. I was diagnosed with a variety of spinal conditions starting at the age of 16. My problems included scoliosis, muscle imbalance, 2 herniated discs (L4/L5 and L5/S1) and degenerative disc disease. I was always healthy and in good shape. I persevered through the worst of the pain and never let it get me down.

As I got older, the pain worsened, despite my constant exhaustive and expensive attempts to cure it with too many therapies to even remember anymore. I trusted my doctors and never questioned their diagnoses. I did however, wonder why they failed to cure me or even provide any substantial measure of symptomatic relief during my 18 years of enduring countless back pain treatments. Eventually, my own research led me to discover eye opening proven scientific studies demonstrating the huge incidence of psychologically induced pain syndromes and providing real insight into back pain relief, finally.

I had also suffered with other health concerns throughout my life, including knee and wrist pain, an ultra-sensitive stomach and headaches as a child. I never connected these back pain substitute symptoms to my chronic back pain until much later. I became a full time scholar, learning everything there was to learn about back pain. It did not take me long to realize that I was led like a sheep to the slaughter for those 18 long years of suffering. It was like an epiphany in my life. I finally realized why back pain relief was impossible for me to find. The simple answer was:

The diagnosis I was given was wrong.

Back Pain Relief Origins

Ok, so now I theorized that all these spinal conditions simply existed, but did not cause me pain. I started to test the theory by purposely ignoring the pain and going on with my life. I read extensively, including incredible works by Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. John Sarno. I discovered that millions of patients suffered from exactly the same type of treatment resistant pain I experienced for so long.

I improved in leaps and bounds using the principles of the only proven treatment for psychosomatic pain: knowledge therapy. I conquered most of my pain in a few weeks and was completely recovered in a few months. I defeated my back pain, but also ended my long standing misery at the hands of constant stomach pain. I was amazed at my progress and really could not believe it was true.

Back Pain Relief Progress

I gave up all my treatments cold turkey, much to the distress of all my doctors and therapists. I ignored their warnings that something terrible would happen to me. I had already suffered so badly, that I had nothing to lose and already saw the incredible results. I realized that the nocebo effect produced by my medical treatment had been a contributor to my pain the entire time. Even in giving up treatment, many doctors did their best to reinforce that same nocebo effect through stern warnings and dire predictions. I started to understand how the back pain industry uses economic motivators as a means of enslaving the patient into long-term treatment programs.

Well, not me. Not any more. I was free. Pain-free, that is.

Back Pain Relief and Recovery

I felt a huge burden by my sudden recovery. I finally knew the score about most cases of unresolved back pain and felt the need to share the information with the world. I am certainly not alone in this quest, as there are many who came before me. I hope there will be many to come after, as well.

I wrote my first book, based upon my exact experiences in overcoming chronic pain. I wanted to provide patients with a new tool, a first hand account of the process, which was not written from some cold clinical point of view. I wanted to talk to patients as one of them, for that is what I am. To this day, it is still the biggest complement I receive from my readers. They tell me that I really understand them and can relate to their experiences.

Well, of course; they are my experiences too.

Sharing Back Pain Relief

The final idea I had was to begin this website. I needed a way to reach a large audience all across the globe. I wanted to provide this information as a free service, forever. It is a full time job researching and writing articles, as well as maintaining the site. I knew nothing about websites, but I learned, so that I could bring this gift of knowledge to you, the reader. To you, my friends.

I am here for you. I want to help you to achieve back pain relief by providing this site for your research needs. I am not trying to sell you any expensive program, herbal supplement, orthotic device or miracle drug.

I don’t want your money. I do feel a Karmic debt which needs to be paid back. I have been given a great gift which needs to be shared. This gift was my life. I received my life back from the pain, which is the sweetest gift I have ever received. I hope that I can help you, as well.

Back Pain Relief Summary

I have brought together a wonderful group of experts to assist me with The Cure Back Pain Network and know that together, we can continue to help all of you find what you need to recovery from your pain. Knowledge is a great gift to share and I am pleased that you come here to increase your own understanding of chronic pain. I am looking to the future with hope for you and hope for me.

Sincerity is my most treasured possession. The reason I work so hard on this site is to truly help you. I don’t know you. I will probably never meet you. But, I understand what you are going through. I have walked your very footsteps throughout the back pain treatment process over and over again. I know the pain in my most vivid memories and can still feel it imprinted into  my very soul. I can never forget the pain.

As long as there is a need, it is my obligation to help. I am happy to do it for you. When I first started, I said: "If I can help just one of you, it is worth everything". Well, all this time has passed and literally tens of thousands of you have written to me with thanks, comments and questions. I realize that there are so many who still need help. I still have the same feeling as when I started.

Every day, if I can help just one to find back pain relief...

Well now, I know I can truly help the masses with the launch of our anticipated Cure Back Pain Forever Program. This unique and peer-acclaimed program provides the answer that so many of you have sought for so long. I am just completely satisfied that I was able to provide it. After all, it also saved my life...

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