Do Back Pain Home Remedies Work?

Back Pain Home Remedies

Back pain home remedies might be effective for treating some forms of physical back and neck pain. Long before we enjoyed an organized medical system, people treated all types of disease and injury at home. Many home remedies actually form the basis for a variety of modern medical therapies.

One thing is for sure, when it comes to relieving back pain, there is no place like home to relax and allow the treatment to function to its optimal curative ability. Just remember that many home therapies are highly limited in what they can achieve, so every patient should always consult with their doctor before starting any treatment program.

Variety of Back Pain Home Remedies

Home remedies can be scientific, superstitious or based in folklore. Some of the best home remedies are a perfect combination of all three. Home back pain relief is a good way to make sure that a patient can benefit from some therapeutic techniques, while using the comfort and security of the home to aid in the recovery process.

There are many distinct treatment modalities which can be utilized at home. It is always important to remember that treatment should be supervised by a doctor and any medical questions should be referred to a qualified healthcare professional. This is especially important if the patient is also under the care of a regular physician and might be taking pharmaceutical products which might increase the risk of interaction with home-based therapies, including herbal products.

Back Pain Home Remedies Effectiveness

Extensive research studies have shown that many patients actually recover from back ache much faster if they do not seek any medical or complementary treatment. In addition, patients who choose to treat their pain at home have a far lesser chance of developing a chronic pain syndrome from their injury.

Medical science is known for keeping a patient in an extended care regimen for a long period of time. It is no wonder why some patients choose to circumvent the entire medical experience and treat their own pain with whatever methods they have available. Remember that many patients do not have insurance or may have suffered a trust-breaking event involving a medical professional in their past. For these types of patients, back pain home remedies might be their only hope.

Results of Back Pain Home Remedies

I am an outspoken advocate of home back pain relief. Some patients with a known pain condition do much better if they can avoid running to the doctor every time they have a recurrent outbreak of symptoms. Physicians mean well, but can often impart a substantial psychological nocebo effect to their patients which can create, perpetuate or worsen a chronic pain condition. Physicians want to help, but will naturally recommend more drastic and possibly invasive treatment options if conservative measures do not provide relief.

Home-based therapies range from ice and heat to massage to dietary alteration to exercise training.  We detail of of these practices, as well as many others, in the back pain treatment resource section of this website.

One of the most important aspects of home-based back pain treatment is learning to master the tenets of knowledge therapy. This is a great home remedy for chronic pain of virtually any type. Knowledge therapy will teach you what typically causes or perpetuates chronic pain and what factors cause sudden acute attacks of misery.

Once you have mastered the techniques of recognizing and accepting the reasons for many of these painful conditions, you will find that the services of a back pain doctor are rarely necessary. You might just become pain-free and will have no reason to seek their services ever again.

Dr. John Sarno highly recommends that all patients suffering with his TMS diagnosis follow this advice, by discontinuing all professional care for back pain and concentrating on these simple psychological care methods instead. While his advice may be controversial to many, you can not argue with his treatment results.

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