Do You Have a Back Problem?

Back Problem

While many patients describe their pain as coming from a particular back problem, there really is no such thing.  Any patient who has chronic back pain will confirm this fact, since any problem with the spine actually affects the patient’s entire life; not just their back. 

Having a problematic back can be tantamount to a real disability.  This is especially true for patients with recurrent pain issues that strike randomly and unpredictably.  These are the patients who experience the worst anxiety from living with their traitorous spines.

This article takes a hard look at life with back pain.  We will explore many of the usual problems with the spinal column and how each can contribute to the sufferings that some patients must endure forever.

Acute Back Problems

Acute back pain can be caused by a great number of sources. Some patients have recurrent bouts of acute pain from known diagnoses and obvious trigger circumstances.   A classic example is the terrible pain experienced while standing for an extended time for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis.

Sudden back muscle pain might burn brightly, but often resolves in a short time frame with little or no treatment.  This type of pain is typical to experience from any form of back injury, including overuse. 

Sudden bursts of unexplainable and excruciating idiopathic pain are often the tell-tale signs of severe cellular ischemia and might be typical oxygen deprivation back pain syndromes.  These debilitating attacks are not caused by any physical or structural reasons, but are instead the product of mindbody interactions.

Regardless of the cause, acute back pain can be a terrifying experience and is sure to leave permanent scars on the soul of every affected individual.

Chronic Back Problems

Chronic back pain is far trickier to diagnose, since it can come from so many possible causations.  Additionally, if the diagnosis was typically accurate, then the pain would never become chronic in the first place.

Although mild to moderate spinal abnormalities are most commonly blamed for severe long-enduring pain, they are often not the actual source of symptoms.  Typical degenerative disc disease, herniated discs and osteoarthritis can all be mildly symptomatic, or even severely painful for a time, but are seldom the actual cause of chronic treatment-defiant pain. 

Some structural issues can be real nightmares to live with.  The worst versions of any structural backbone condition often fits this description, including severe atypical spinal curvatures, the worst intervertebral disc conditions and the most dire instances of spinal arthritis.

Psychosomatic back pain is often to blame for chronic complaints and is rarely correctly identified by care practitioners.  Patients with this type of symptom might endure years of unsuccessful treatment, and possibly even acquiesce to surgical intervention, all to cure a condition which can usually be resolved without any medical treatment at all.

Back Problem Solutions

In order to solve any spinal problem, it is crucial to understand the reasons why the problem exists. In the case of acute or chronic back ache, this entails achieving an accurate diagnosis.  Although this facet of care is often taken for granted among patients, it is by far the most important factor in enacting a cure for the pain. 

Many patients with chronic back pain are suffering due to a misdiagnosed condition.  They have tried everything to cure their problem, but these treatments have been directed at an incorrectly identified cause. 

If you are one of these patients who have lost all hope of finding a cure, we strongly advise that you to look to your diagnosis as the potential weak link in your care plan. 

Time and time again, the reality of lasting suffering comes not from a string of poorly executed treatment options, but instead from one simple and often overlooked mistake: the diagnostic correctness.

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