Breast Reduction for Back Pain

Breast Reduction for Back Pain

Breast reduction for back pain is a radical treatment option that is designed to eliminate muscular back pain due to unusually large breast size. Some woman complain of serious and enduring back ache due to their heavy breasts and will do whatever it takes to balance out their anatomy, hopefully ending their chronic pain for good.

Although breast reduction is considered a plastic surgery technique by many, a great number of patients utilize it for pain relief rather than aesthetic alteration. It is well known that overly large and weighty breasts can cause back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as other physical and psychoemotional symptoms.

Breast Reduction for Back Pain Indications

To begin, you may find it useful to learn more about large breast back pain. Large breasts increase stress on the spine, since they put an asymmetrical pressure on the upper torso. The force of gravity causes the front of the body to pull forward against the normal kyphotic curve of the middle thoracic spine. This pull can cause the normal curve to straighten and create widespread muscular pain.

Woman with small skeletal frames are especially susceptible to severe breast-related back pain, since the pressure is concentrated on a smaller area of the back. Most patients have upper or middle back pain, but some women complain of lumbar symptoms, as well. Shoulder pain and/or neck pain can also occur alone or in tandem with actual back ache.

Exercise and Breast-Related Back Pain

Most women with breast-related back pain are limited in their ability to do high impact exercise. The constant movement of their breasts can be very painful to already inflamed back muscles.

These woman often become less active and can suffer physical and emotional consequences due to their sedentary lifestyle. Common related effects include weight gain and decreased metabolic activity. Some women become depressed due to the limitations of their physical condition.

Breast Reduction for Back Pain Surgery

Breast reduction surgery, also called reduction mammoplasty, is a serious and invasive operation. This procedure removes fat, glandular breast tissue and skin, making breasts smaller, lighter and firmer. There are many side effects of this surgery and the quality and experience of the surgeon weighs heavily upon the final results:

Significant scars are an unfortunate side effect of most breast reduction surgeries. These scars are often referred to as “anchor scars” since the shape is reminiscent of a nautical anchor.

Breasts and/or nipples are occasionally left asymmetrical post surgery.

Breastfeeding might not be possible after surgery due to damage to the interior breast tissues or nipple.

Sensation is often reduced and is sometimes lost completely.

Rarely, tissue will lose blood supply and become necrotic. This can be a life threatening situation for the patient.

More common risks include pain and the chance of infection at the surgical site.

Non-Surgical Breast Reduction for Back Pain

The greater the fatty content of the breast generally is, the better the chance that conservative approaches will provide relief. The greater the size of the glandular tissue in the breast, the less likely diet or exercise will do enough to provide resolution of pain. Remember that fat will melt off easier than glandular tissue. In fact, women with glandular breasts often find their breasts seem even larger after extensive diet and exercise programs, since the rest of their anatomy will shrink, but their breasts will typically remain large.

There are special back pain bras that reduce the pressure caused by large or pendulous breasts. Woman with unusual proportions might have to enlist the services of a custom bra maker. Custom tailored bras and sports bras have come a long way in their technology. A proper weight reduction bra can eliminate a large percentage of breast-related back pain without surgery. These bras are expensive and might not be the most fashionable design. However, it is still a small price to pay to leave your body intact and still benefit from their pain relieving qualities.

Women often spend a tremendous amount of time and money seeking noninvasive assistance for their situations. Most will invest in various types of support and reduction bras and may try to use diet and exercise to decrease breast size. These tactics can be effective for some, but not all women.

Posture therapy can also be effective at reducing back pain from large breasts. Consult a doctor or physical therapist for more information on posture correction techniques.

Breast Reduction for Back Pain Guidance

I am usually very anti-surgery. In this instance I can see both sides of the equation. I would recommend avoiding surgery and trying alternate approaches to large breast back pain relief. If a woman has tried everything and still has pain, then surgery might be a good option. Make sure to learn all the facts before considering surgery as a cure for back pain. Measure the risks against the rewards and make an informed choice.

Some woman really do benefit greatly from this procedure. Besides eliminating their back pain, they have a renewed self image and an increased sense of comfort in their own skin. Whatever your choice, make sure to get the facts from an experienced and reputable doctor. This is certainly not the time to bargain hunt when the final product is your body.

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