Large Breast Back Pain Solutions

Large Breast Back Pain

Large breast back pain is common for women who possess proportionately big and/or heavy breasts. Most cases of breast-related back, neck or shoulder ache are minor and might be directly linked to a woman’s activity level or menstrual cycle. However, some women suffer with severe chronic pain and risk actual spinal deformity due the weight to their breasts. There are several possible solutions to this condition, both conservative and drastic.

In order to find the best possible treatment option for breast-related back pain, you may need to consider them all and then discuss the pros and cons of each with your doctor. This essay explains several of the most effective methods of mitigating pain that might be caused by heavy breasts.

Causes of Large Breast Back Pain

Proportionately large breasts create increased asymmetrical pressure on the upper torso. Since the breasts are in the front of the body, the pressure is greatest on the middle (thoracic) spine, due to compensation for the increased forward pull.

Very large breasts can also cause a reduction in the normal kyphotic curve of the mid back region. This change can spread throughout the surrounding spinal area, causing an all over reduction in the spine’s ability to bear weight effectively.

Women who are active, bend often or perform certain physical activities might suffer pain in the neck or lower back, as well as in one or both shoulders.

Large breasts can actually reshape the spine and shoulders over time. The heavy weight can create poor posture, muscle fatigue and pain. Thin bra straps can cut into muscular tissue and exacerbate the suffering to a great degree.

Wearing an ill-fitting bra, or no bra at all, can make matters worse for most women.

Exercise and Large Breast Back Pain

Active women with large breasts are especially prone to activity-related symptoms. The constant breast movement from high impact exercise can cause acute bouts of back pain due to muscular oxygen deprivation and fatigue. A great number of women will also suffer pain inside or just under the breasts themselves from impact activity due to small traumas inflicted on the supporting ligamentous tissues.

The back muscles suffer a tremendous burden trying to support the largest of breasts during vigorous exercise. Women who decide to become less active due to their pain may endure other physical and emotional side effects of their large breasts, including gaining weight, feeling tired or suffering from malaise.

Large Breast Back Pain Considerations

It is wise to consult both a doctor and a physical therapist if you are suffering from large breast-related back pain. There are posture exercises that can help you.

It is advisable to hire a custom bra maker and outfit yourself with a new wardrobe of weight reducing bras and sports bras. There are some styles that can distribute the substantial weight of large breasts across a larger area, thereby reducing back muscle pain. This is especially important for women with a small frame, since their breasts place stress on a more concentrated area.

If all else fails and your pain is severe, you might be a candidate for breast reduction surgery. Make sure to use this option as a last resort, since this is a serious operation with inherent risks. However, the surgery enjoys one of the highest satisfaction ratings of all cosmetic procedures, despite its considerable downside.

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