The Chronic Pain Puzzle

chronic pain

Chronic pain is a burden which ruins the quality of life for patients with a large assortment of different health conditions. Chronic back ache is just one of many pain syndromes that can cause ongoing symptoms which resist all attempts at treatment. Long-term continuous pain or recurrent episodes of acute pain are rarely cured, regardless of their theorized cause. Medical science has proven itself to be generally misinformed and misguided when it comes to therapies designed for chronic symptoms of all sorts.

There has been a growing trend in medicine to treat pain as a separate disease unto itself. This moves doctors ever further away from actually helping patients to find cures, since pain, as a separate entity, can only be managed, not cured. Only by finding the source of the pain can a true and effective cure be enacted. It is worth mentioning that pain management is one of the most profitable medical specialties, enjoying the most repeat customers compared to almost any other area of practice focus. Maybe this has something to do with the move towards treating pain, rather than curing it.

This discussion shares my research findings on chronic pain after a lifetime spent as a student, educator and advocate in the pain sector.

Chronic Pain Diagnoses

Physicians are excellent at diagnosing conditions perceived to cause chronic symptoms. Most of the time, symptoms are blamed on abnormal anatomical causations somewhere in the body.

In the vertebral column, herniated discs, degenerated discs, arthritis, spinal stenosis and other conditions are often blamed for creating lasting back pain. In other parts of the body, doctors blame different symptomatic syndromes on similar anatomical aberrations.

Shoulder, wrist, knee and foot pain are common chronic symptoms which are usually thought to come from distinct physical defects. The treatments for these conditions start out conservative, but usually lead to eventual surgery to correct the bodily irregularity.

Ironically, regardless of where the pain occurs, these operations produce generally poor results for permanently resolving the symptoms. Many patients suffer a relapse after the procedure, while others endure related pain nearby. A few are lucky to find real cures; too few.

Chronic Pain Conditions

Some patients with ongoing pain are not suffering from symptoms due to any anatomical cause. Sure, a physical scapegoat condition might exist, but it is rarely the actual cause of any suffering. Treatment of these scapegoat conditions represents a great failing of modern medicine. Despite successful correction of the anatomical condition, most patients either continue to have pain or develop pain in a new and related area. The reason for this common phenomenon is misdiagnosis of the correct cause of the pain.

In a few cases, there may be another yet unrecognized structural issue sourcing the symptoms. However, chronic pain syndromes can also be psychosomatic in nature and will go unresolved despite the best efforts of the treating health professionals. The fact that the pain has been blamed on an innocent and coincidental bodily condition dooms the patient to remain in hopeless treatment forever or acquiesce to an eventual and possibly disabling back surgery.

Chronic Pain Suffering

I suffered with chronic back ache, knee pain, headaches, and stomach discomfort for much of my life. All these conditions were blamed on separate and independent physical causes. I tried so many back pain treatment options with little or no success. I always wondered why my doctors just could not seem to get any good results for me and why they seemed baffled time and time again by their dismal failings. Looking back, it makes perfect sense to me now. My pain was never correctly linked to its rightful source. Worse yet, my doctors and chiropractors were content to use purely symptomatic modalities to keep me under their care for as long as possible... Much to the detriment of my poor bank account!

Eventually, I was able to cure not only my crippling back pain, but also all my other tormentors, using the simple process of knowledge therapy. I was amazed at the speed and efficiency of how this therapy completely ameliorated all my physical symptoms, despite being a solely psychologically-based treatment. To me, it seemed like nothing short of a miracle.

I know what you are going through having to get up and function every day while suffering so. I understand the frustration you feel every time your symptoms worsen. I assure you there is always hope. Take the time to understand why your pain has not healed and you will surely be on the correct path to a true cure. Hang in there.

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