Cox Technic aka Cox Decompression

Cox Technic

Cox Technic is a type of non-surgical spinal decompression treatment which has been used by chiropractors and osteopaths since the 1960’s. The system was created by Dr. James M. Cox, DC, DACBR and has been used extensively all over the world. Other common names for the treatment include Cox Distraction, Cox Therapy and Cox Decompression.

Cox is a departure from the more modern forms of computer controlled decompression systems, such as the DRX9000 and Antalgic Trak. Cox is a good, cost-effective system to consider for patients who have not enjoyed lasting results from one of these modernized systems, as well as for patients who are prone to experiencing recurrent compression of certain areas of the spine.

Cox Decompression Treatments

Cox therapy claims to decrease interdiscal pressure and increase the size and patency of the foraminal openings between vertebrae. Patients are instructed to come to therapy sessions more often at the beginning of treatment and decrease in frequency as the pain is relieved.

70% of properly treated patients with indicated spinal conditions reported good curative results from Cox. 91% noticed at least some improvement. The average patient will be in treatment for approximately a month and receive 12 to 15 sessions on the decompression table.

During Cox Decompression Therapy, the doctor will control all the movements of the machine manually and will maintain touch contact with your body to concentrate treatment on the area which needs attention. The machine moves slowly and gently in a specific path and has a variety of motions available to the care provider to treat virtually any area of the spine.

Cox Technic Indications

Cox is a complementary healing modality to standard chiropractic care and is usually utilized in combination with typical spinal adjustments. However, Cox is rarely continued long-term once the area has been thoroughly treated, although decompression therapy may begin again in the future if the region becomes symptomatic recurrently.

Care providers use hands-on Cox spinal decompression to treat a wide range of problematic spinal conditions, including herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, facet joint syndrome, spondylolisthesis and general back and neck pain issues of all types.

This particular form of spinal decompression requires specialized training to maximize potential health benefits. Care providers must be properly instructed on the principles and techniques involved in successful treatment. Make sure that your doctor or therapist has received this training and can maximize treatment results from every session. Chiropractors who have completed advanced training in Cox Technique are said to be Certified Care Providers and can be located on the official company website. Most will actively advertise their certification, since it distinguishes them from the crowd of non-certified general care providers.

Cox Technic Outcomes

Cox Decompression is time tested, effectual and generally well tolerated. It is also available in almost every major medical market on Earth. Cox is generally less expensive than other computerized forms of spinal decompression and might suit the needs of some patients better than these less personal machine-driven approaches.

If you suffer from a verified structural disc pain or foraminal stenosis condition, spinal decompression may just be one of the very best physical treatment options available to you. Best of all, all forms of noninvasive decompression therapy provide the patient a much needed alternative to back surgery.

To learn more about Cox Decompression therapy, contact a care provider near you.

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