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Back Pain Drugs

Back pain drugs are the most common treatments for all varieties of back and neck symptoms. If there is pain, drugs are usually the first choice of patients, as well as the easiest treatment option for doctors. The pharmaceutical industry has been both a boon and an oppressor to modern society. While some medicines have been able to cure disease and prolong life, others have created an army of walking wounded who drag themselves around, physically and emotionally, counting the hours till their next drug dosage. When it comes to treating chronic pain of any variety, drugs rarely provide a solution, but often become a huge part of the actual problem.

This discussion details the medical industry's terrible obsession with dangerous back pain drugs and the consequences suffered by patients with chronic pain.

Varieties of Back Pain Drugs

There are literally hundreds of drugs that are usually prescribed for back pain. It really does not seem to matter what the diagnosis is: Where there is pain, there are drugs.

Pharmaceutical products are prescribed to stop inflammation, control back muscle spasms, relieve pain, relax the muscles and depress nerve response. Of course, supplemental drugs are often prescribed to fight the many symptoms often associated with chronic back pain. Sleep-aidsanti-depressantsanti-anxiety drugs and even personality-altering substances are a part of many treatment regimens for chronic physical pain.

Back Pain Drugs Industry

Pain management drugs are a huge business. In fact, pharmacy is the largest and most profitable sector of the medical industry. Pharmaceutical companies pay doctors to recommend and prescribe their products. Doctors also rely on big pharmaceutical companies to fund research projects and clinical trials.

Drug companies make billions, doctors make millions and patients are stuck in an endless cycle of symptomatic treatment. This ensures that the patient’s pain will continue, so that justifiable treatment can be given. Typically this means more drugs. Of course, it also helps that many of these drugs are highly addictive or require other complementary drugs for their "safe" application.

My Experience with Back Pain Drugs

I have always been a person who does not like to rely on drugs, nor poison my body, regardless of the circumstances. I rarely even take something as innocent as an aspirin for a tension headache. During my 18 years of horrible back pain, I was prescribed several different drugs to help fight my torturous symptoms. These drugs included pain relievers, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medicines and several others. I rarely actually filled the prescriptions, except in a few times of extreme and debilitating pain.

I never received real relief from any of these drugs and always suffered some sort of unpleasant side effects. It really makes me wonder why anyone who uses or abuses drugs would want to feel like this, as their preferred physical state. I found many of these medicines made my body weak, my mind dull and caused physical discomfort of some sort.

I learned for sure that pain relief drugs were not at all for me and I continue to embrace this philosophy when it comes to all matters of health and disease. However, I do understand that many patients require relief for their ongoing pain.  This is why I have spent so much of my life educating patients on more constructive means of pain management, like those I utilize in my proven coaching programs.

Guidance on Using Back Pain Drugs

Be very careful using any type of drug for an extended period of time. Post-surgical medicines can be an important part of the healing process, as can drugs for ultra-severe pain. However, you must remember that these drugs are bad for you and interfere with protective anatomical health mechanisms.

Make sure to discontinue all drug use as quickly as possible and take the smallest effective dose during use. Many pain killers, in particular, are highly addictive. I have seen the damage these drugs can do to a patient’s life, as that person spirals out of control due to prescription drug dependency.

I know people whose lives have been ruined, having suffered permanent bodily damage due to their addiction to prescription drugs. Thankfully, most doctors are becoming more vigilant about continuing to supply patients with powerful pain pills for long periods of time. My recommendation is to be self regulating and make it your priority to reach a state of health ASAP. This can only be accomplished through increasing your natural constitution, not by relying on chemical assistance.

Drugs can be a temporary fix, but they are a poor pseudo-solution for any chronic pain syndrome. Want to learn more about the pros and cons of drug therapies? Read The Pharmaceutical Trap, part of the Cure Back Pain Forever Program

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