The Psychology of Eczema


Eczema is an often idiopathic skin condition, which is classified as a usually mild form of dermatitis. The exact symptoms will typically vary from patient to patient, but all are disturbing, uncomfortable and unappealing to view. There are over a dozen individual forms of this annoying, unsightly and sometimes very painful skin rash, each caused by different sources. While some varieties are directly linked to a disease, environmental contaminant, climactic change, dietetic concern or hygiene issue, one of the most common forms is directly caused by the psychosomatic process.

Although mindbody skin issues are commonplace, they are rarely recognized for what they truly are, leading to the type of treatment-defying chronic concerns so often endured by many patients.

Let's look at dermatitis from a mindbody perspective and use this new approach to improve therapy results.

What is Eczema?

This skin condition is characterized by chronic rashes occurring most commonly on the hands, face, scalp, chest or legs. However, the condition can strike anywhere on the body. The rash is commonly very itchy, red, inflamed, dry, flaky and bloody, or a combination of all of the above.

In a few patients, the underlying source process is obvious and is therefore easily treated. However, when the exact cause is unknown, the patient is often said to be suffering from some type of allergic reaction. This is the type of rash that is usually the result of a psychological pain syndrome.

Many varied skin issues can act as highly effective back pain substitute symptom among patients with other primary forms of chronic pain. It can also be a primary expression of the mindbody process, particularly in very severe cases involving pain and widespread aesthetic issues.

Treatment of Eczema

As long as there is no obvious cause which can be corrected, the skin rash is usually treated conservatively using a variety of modalities, such as: dietary supplements or dietary change, topical creams and ointments, oral prescription drugs, moisturizing lotions and salves, herbal remedies and a number of other less common therapies.

Treatment is often altered several times until the desired curative effect is reached. Chronically dry and painful skin is known as a difficult condition to cure, although it is relatively easy to bring under control. A great number of patients suffer lifelong, with recurrent episodes of symptoms coming on at seemingly the least opportune times. It is no coincidence that times of great stress and anxiety are known to instigate flare-ups in most chronic sufferers.

Eczema Misconceptions

Just like any other mindbody syndrome, patients often do not recognize the psychoemotional connection to this skin rash disorder. Many patients are insulted by the idea that their symptoms might come from a non-physical, non-anatomical source. What is often misunderstood is that no one is denying the actuality of the condition, the only point being debated is the causation.

The psychosomatic process affects all physical bodily conditions of health and disease and the skin is certainly not immune from this influence. If you have treatment resistant skin conditions, such as this common rash, you may want to try using the alternative medicine principles of knowledge therapy as part of your combined care program. Sometimes, simple recognition of the causative emotions will bring about resolution of all expressions. Try achieving this ideal result with traditional pharmaceutical care.

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