How Emotional Back Pain Occurs

Emotional Back Pain

Emotional back pain is often the result of the complex interactions between the physical body and the emotional mind. Psychological back pain is the category that includes symptoms caused by conscious and subconscious emotions, thoughts and feelings. Medical science rarely diagnoses or treats this form of suffering, which is a tragedy, since it is one of the most common forms of chronic back ache experienced by patients all around the world.

Humans are far more than just physical bodies moving about like machines. Meanwhile, medical science treats humans like robots; mere pieces of mechanical engineering which can be optimized through structural treatment. Sure this is partially true, but does not encompass the equally important aspects of care which must be directed at the emotional side of the human organism. We are thinkers, feelers and deeply complex beings. Sure, we have physical processes, but these very processes are regulated by the internal parameters of the mind.  Everything which occurs in our bodies, including the autonomic aspects, all function under control of the conscious or subconscious parts of the mind.

Denying that emotions can cause or cure health conditions is folly. There is simply far too much direct evidence to remain in the dark any longer.

Conscious Emotional Back Pain

It is possible to experience back pain from conscious negative emotions. Just like a stressful day can cause a headache or sensitive stomach in some people, conscious emotional stress can cause or exacerbate back ache in others.

Negative conscious emotions are those which you are aware of. You feel them and they bother you.  However, although we all have things which trouble us, few of us take the time to think about why we are actually bothered. These problematic conscious emotions which we hate so much often relate to the far more common actual cause of chronic emotional back pain… subconscious and particularly repressed emotions.

Subconscious Emotional Back Pain

Repressed subconscious emotions are some of the main causes of unresolved back pain around the globe. Medicine does not traditionally acknowledge that the emotional mind can cause physical symptoms in the body, although times are changing in this regard. More and more doctors now do accept the psychoemotional processes to be just as crucial to health as the purely physical ones. This is demonstrated in the ever growing availability of mindbody treatments for such seemingly physical conditions as addiction, cancer, autoimmune diseases and of course, chronic pain. However, this attitude is certainly not universal and many doctors still hold tightly to antiquated Cartesian models of pain out of pure economic desperation. Remember, they make money treating these types of pain and are useless against emotionally-generated symptoms. So, ineffective and unenlightened treatment continues.

This attitude of denial is a prime perpetuator of the back pain epidemic and the most logical reason for medical science’s poor statistics when it comes to successful back pain treatment. More patients continue to suffer with their severe pain than ever fully recover.

Emotionally-Induced Back Pain Types

The actual emotions that are repressed can be powerful or seemingly trite. Some patients have serious emotional issues often dealing with horrible conditions, such as an extensive history of abuse. Abandonment and neglect are also common contributors to severe emotionally-generated back ache.

Other patients have a back pain prone personality and are driven to experience agonizing symptoms due to their own character and personal development. To these patients, even small and seemingly insignificant emotional issues can build-up, creating huge reserves of symptom-inducing emotional stress.

The bottom line is that people, by nature, experience tremendous emotional stress as part of their lives. It is the combined effects of the extent of their stress, the amount they repress, their personality traits and the circumstances of life that determine when and if symptoms will commence, the length of time they will last and their severity.

Emotional Back Pain Evaluation

Psychosomatic pain syndromes are universal in our society. The only variables are the duration, location and severity of symptoms. Some people get an occasional stress-induced headache, while others are literally crippled by powerful potentially psychogenic conditions, such as fibromyalgia.

The cure for emotionally induced pain is understanding and accepting the issues causing the negative mind/body reaction. The only treatment that can accomplish this is the alternative path of knowledge therapy.

If I had to recommend only one form of therapy for all varieties of stubborn back pain, it would be knowledge therapy, time and time again. This is simply because it is effectual in many cases, has no risk and no inherent cost. Even when it fails to provide a cure, other benefits are imparted which enhance every patient's understanding of better health. No other treatment choice has the same risk to benefit ratio, so why not give it a try? It may just provide the answer for your emotional back pain puzzle.

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