Subconsious Stress Headaches


Headaches are the most common psychological pain syndrome, although they are rarely perceived as coming from a purely mindbody causation. Pain in the head is an occasional occurrence for some individuals and a constant torture for others. Some patients suffer from head pain as their primary pain syndrome, but it is also a common secondary or substitute condition for patients with a variety of chronic health disorders.

The brain is the organ of the mind. Therefore logic would dictate that it is the first place where pain might strike, when problematic interactions between the mind and the body occur.

This guide helps patients to better understand the origin of acute, recurrent or chronic head pain syndromes in the depths of the subconscious mind. We will also provide hope for prevention and a cure for headache problems using holistic, effective knowledge therapy.

Tension Head Pain

Tension headaches are the most common type of head pain syndromes accounting for up to 90% of all patient complaints. This type of pain is related to muscular tension caused by psychological, emotional or sometimes physical or environmental stress.

Rarely, a physical pain syndrome will cause muscular tightness leading to tension-type head pain. However, the most common variety of tension type pain is either conscious stress or subconscious emotional repression.

There seems to be a correlation between the frequency of the pain and the actual cause. Acute tension head pain is often the result of conscious stress. Chronic unexplained tension-type head pain is usually the result of subconscious and often repressed psychological issues. Regardless, both types of tension-induced symptoms can be reduced or eliminated with acknowledgment of the causative psychoemotional issues in a great number of instances. The key here is equating the symptoms with the underlying psychological source.

Migraine Headaches

Migraine head pain is a severe acute or chronic condition. There are several differing medical theories as to the actual physical cause. Some doctors place the blame on vascular tissue, while others direct blame on an actual area of the brain. The most enlightened doctors realize that both of these theories are incomplete.

The most logical causation is ischemia using the blood vessels and originating in a particular area of the brain. Migraines can be so severe as to cause some patients to undergo drastic treatments, force others to drop out of an active lifestyle, and compel others to contemplate or commit suicide.

Psychogenic Headaches

The majority of head pain is psychosomatic in nature. Conscious stress and subconscious repression are equally to blame for the universality of head pain suffering worldwide. While it might be almost impossible to completely eliminate occasional stress-related head pain, it is likely that acknowledging the causative psychological issues might help to cure chronic head pain conditions. This theory receives much support from experts in the mindbody interactions, such as Dr. John Sarno.

Knowledge therapy has proven itself to be an effective treatment for many types of chronic head pain syndromes.

Head Pain Help

Warning: Severe and unexplained head pain can be an indicator of serious health concerns. Make sure to receive proper diagnosis and treatment for any ongoing symptoms.

The common headache is a universally experienced indicator of conscious or subconscious stress. We all get them occasionally and some of us get them frequently. As an adolescent and teen, I suffered from severe head pain that I always blamed on my conscientious attitude towards school work. I was a good student and took my assignments seriously. These symptoms started when I was about 10 and ended when I developed severe back pain at the age of 16. I never connected the 2 events at the time, but looking back, it is clear that the head pain was simply replaced by back pain as a more efficient psychologically-induced expression.

I have worked with many, many patients who suffer from some variety of chronic head pain in addition to their back pain. Many connect the 2 through some contrived interrelated nerve problem between the spine and the head.  It is possible for physical back conditions to cause headaches, but it is rare for this type of pain to continue long-term. The majority of these unresolved cases of back and head pain are caused by oxygen deprivation related to a maladapted emotional defense mechanism. 

My experience has taught me that patients using knowledge therapy to cure their back pain also had excellent results curing their head pain.

Some alternative advice for head pain?
Forget the aspirin.
Take 2 knowledge therapy books and thank me in the morning.

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