A Fibromyalgia Cure Already Exists

Fibromyalgia Cure

A fibromyalgia cure is merely a dream for most patients who are suffering with this dreaded systemic illness. Fibromyalgia has no known medical cure, which is no surprise. Medicine does not even know the real cause of the condition, so a cure is not exactly within the realm of possibility. Medical doctors are mostly under the belief that fibromyalgia is caused by a specific, yet undetermined physical problem. The opinion on the true nature of that problem varies, from hormonal imbalance to immune disorder to viral contamination.

The truth of the matter is that fibromyalgia is certainly not a singular condition with a common physical cause. However, it may be a combination of psychological pain syndromes that can affect every patient in a completely different manner.  It may also be a completely different physical illness which has been misdiagnosed as FMS.

This discussion provides details of the most effectual and safe therapies for FMS. There is already a well-established cure, but do not expect to find it available from your local doctor, since there is no money to be made in its propagation and this idea goes against everything that modern medical science holds dear.

Fibromyalgia Treatments

Medical science has tried hundreds of different treatment options for fibromyalgia syndrome, with varying success rates. None of these treatments can cure the condition, but some may provide symptomatic relief. Some may also provide a temporary placebo cure.

So many of these treatments have such strong side effects that they can actually replace fibromyalgia as the main cause of suffering. This is not relief. This is merely substituting one type of pain for another. Medicine has really missed the ball when it comes to effective fibromyalgia treatment.

Medical treatments have such varied effects on individual patients. An individual treatment option may have a positive effect on one patient and a negative effect, or no effect whatsoever, on another, even when these patients have identical symptoms. This is just further proof that fibromyalgia is not likely to be a singular disease with a singular universal physical cause.

Alternative Fibromyalgia Cure

Knowledge therapy may help many fibromyalgia sufferers find relief which may endure without being exposed to the risks of traditional treatment choices. Knowledge therapy is used to treat a possible mindbody cause of this tragic condition. This implies that there may be unresolved emotional and psychological issues actually responsible for the physical pain.

This is the only treatment that transcends the purely physical to reach the inner source core of the pain syndrome. Knowledge therapy has no side effects, no ongoing costs, no health risks and has been extremely effective in actually resolving the symptoms of many patients worldwide. However, this approach does not enjoy universal success, especially when the patient does not see the mindbody link as being logical or valid.

Fibromyalgia Cure Suggestions

Fibromyalgia pain is very real and very physical. There is no doubt that the pain is not a figment of the patient’s imagination, as some callous doctors have implied. The physical expressions of the illness are well documented and certainly not exaggerated. However, the reason for these bodily symptoms may not not physical. Instead, they may be a maladapted psychological process designed to actually protect the patient from painful emotional issues hidden deep in their subconscious mind. There is considerable support for this theory from innovators in mindbody medicine and positive curative results offered by indicated therapy choices.

My cousin went through the gambit of medical treatments for years while suffering with fibromyalgia. She lost everything, but eventually found a true cure using knowledge therapy. A true cure is powerful medicine, even if it is not a medical cure.  I am thrilled for her and the others who have embraced this path to health. I hope that all of you can find your own way through the complex and sometimes treacherous FMS treatment sector to reach your own lasting cure.

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