Fibromyalgia Diet Treatment

Fibromyalgia Diet

A fibromyalgia diet is an alternative treatment for this epidemic illness which utilizes nutritional supplements and dietary alteration to provide relief. Some doctors and nutritionists believe that a particular diet can help to reduce the debilitating symptoms of this fearsome condition. However, very little scientific evidence has been provided to support any of these theories.

Evidence is generally based exclusively on the symptomatic relief data provided by individual patients and must be classified as anecdotal in virtually every case.

This discussion centers on using dietary therapies for treating FMS. We will explore the effectiveness of a variety of dietetic changes when it comes to relieving fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia Diet Conundrums

The biggest problem with using diet as a treatment for fibromyalgia is determining which foods might help your condition and which might actually increase the severity of your symptoms. Patients report a variety of often contradictory information when it comes to foods to eat and foods to avoid.

The same magic bullet in one patient’s diet plan might be on the list of foods to avoid for another patient. Most doctors would agree that these big discrepancies point to the placebo effect being the actual cause of the dietary benefit or harm. However, it is crucial to remember that FMS is often actually misdiagnosed when there is actually another structural or disease process causing the symptoms.

In some cases, if this actual causative process is affected by the dietary change, then true and lasting symptom resolution may be provided. This makes far more sense than patients with real FMS who achieve dietary cures.

Fibromyalgia Diet Ideas

Many patients seem to agree that magnesium is good for fibromyalgia. This is no surprise, since it is important for general health and strong bones.

Many patients swear by a low sodium diet, which is also good to prevent heart disease and hypertension.

Some patients find relief by eating lots of red meat, while others avoid it like poison.

Most patients agree that chicken and fish are good for a fibromyalgia diet plan.

Many patients agree that refined sugar and grains aggravate their symptoms.

However, some patients find relief eating carbohydrates, regardless of the source.

Many patients try to avoid artificial sweeteners and preservatives. This is simply common sense, since some of these substances have been shown to be a health risk for anyone.

Herbs are a reliable standby for some fibromyalgia sufferers. Echinacea is one of the most popular herbal treatments for pain symptoms.

Some patients avoid large doses of vitamin C, while others report good results from increasing their daily dosage.

Almost all patients agree that soda, carbonated beverages, caffeinated tea and coffee and any form of tobacco is bad for their condition. No news flash here, since these substances are also known to be dangerous to anyone’s health, regardless of fibromyalgia.

Drinking lots of water is recommended by some patients, but once again, water is important to everyone’s dietary needs.

A majority of patients avoid fatty and fried foods. This is yet another example of a good dietary policy to follow regardless of your health.

Finally, some patients believe whole vegetable juice is good, while overly sweet fruit juice is bad. It has been known for some time that sweetened fruit juice is actually worse than soda in terms of creating the perfect circumstances for obesity.

The point of all this information is that relief seems to come on a case by case basis, except when it comes to commonly accepted general dietary knowledge.

I think everyone knows that fatty foods, soda and artificial preservatives are bad. This is definitely not anything new or ground-breaking.

Fibromyalgia Diet Help

There is no proof that any food, vitamin or supplement has any direct effect on fibromyalgia symptoms. It is always advisable to eat a healthy and well balanced diet, regardless of symptoms.

Proper nutrition will go a long way to ensure your general health and will prevent many painful and debilitating conditions, such as osteoporosis. Depending on a particular diet to treat fibromyalgia is not a bad idea, unless the diet compromises the nutritional requirements of your body. However, the most likely explanation for relief of fibromyalgia symptoms due to dietary consumption is a placebo reaction. This is a common occurrence for all potential psychological pain syndromes.

In some cases, dietary advice is given as part of some overpriced and possibility dangerous FMS treatment program. Many doctors have followed the FMS path, since it is so incredibly profitable and allows them to do basically whatever the want to provide treatment… No matter how illogical it may seem.

Be careful of the many fibromyalgia diet scams out there and remember that just because a product or piece of advice is offered by a physician, does not make it right for you or your diagnosis. Always seek a second opinion before trying anything which goes against your better judgment or common sense.

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