Fibromyalgia Disability Endgame

Fibromyalgia Disability

Fibromyalgia disability is an all-too-common eventuality for so many people who are victimized by this dreaded enigmatic health crisis. Fibromyalgia is a mysterious disease that has puzzled doctors for decades. The actual cause of fibromyalgia is unknown, but the theories span the full spectrum of medical science and beyond. The only sure things about this condition is that it is growing every day, destroying the quality of millions of lives and has no medical cure in sight. While not every FMS patient becomes disabled, very few find cures.

The scope of this article discusses why FMS is so successful as a chronic pain syndrome and why a great number of diagnosed victims do eventually suffer physical and/or psychological disability.

Fibromyalgia Disability Information

Patients with severe fibromyalgia pain have a difficult time functioning. Symptoms can be severe and widespread throughout the body. Fibromyalgia back pain is a particularly vicious symptom that affects the majority of patients, since 10 of the 18 diagnostic points reside directly on the dorsal anatomy.

Besides constant soreness and discomfort, many patients suffer from malaise, fatigue, nausea and dizziness. Emotional and psychological symptoms are common, with depression, extreme moodiness and anxiety at the top of the list.

The combination of physical and emotional symptoms makes fibromyalgia a particularly brutal disease to live with. Patients struggle every day just to accomplish the basic necessities of life. It is doubly hard on fibromyalgia patients to know that medicine is truly in the dark when it comes to effective fibromyalgia treatment options.

Fibromyalgia Disability Treatment

I have seen the failure of symptomatic medical treatments time and time again. Medicine has no cure for fibromyalgia, but loves to use hormone and drug therapies to make side-effect ridden zombies of so many patients.  It is a crime.

Patients are not only destined to continue their physical suffering, but are left in limbo as to the real causation of their tormenting illness. This combination of symptoms and no hope for the future is too much for many patients to endure. It is no surprise that fibromyalgia patients show a high rate of suicide and attempted suicide. A large number of disability benefit recipients have been diagnosed with FMS as their primary health oppressor.

Hope for Fibromyalgia Disability

I have worked with many patients who are suffering from fibromyalgia. My own cousin had this devastating condition for many years. I have never seen a truly effective treatment for this condition inside the medical arena. Instead, patients are given a variety of dangerous therapies which might help disability become a reality faster than if no treatment was sought at all. In essence, the treatment may be just as debilitating as the disease for many poor victims of FMS.

So few patients find relief and many are encouraged to try pharmaceutical cocktails which make living a normal life quite impossible. Once started on these drugs, patients find it nearly impossible to break free. Some become slaves to both the fibromyalgia itself, as well as the pills used to treat it. It is a fate too terrible to bear, but what choice is given?

Fibromyalgia Disability Assistance

It is not too late to free yourself from the torture of this crippling condition. I have such sympathy for all patients who are truly suffering every day with this disease. I continually hope that they will be exposed to some source of information that will lead them to a possible cure.

I warn all FMS patients to be very careful about the types of care they consider for their pain. I know that fibromyalgia is hell, but the treatments can still make matters worse immediately or eventually. So many have been lead down dangerous paths using extreme therapies which have unfortunately killed more than a few of you. It may be too late for some, but there is still hope for you.

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