Agonizing Fibromyalgia Back Pain

Fibromyalgia Back Pain

Fibromyalgia back pain is one of the most common symptoms of this horribly debilitating and life-changing health crisis. Fibromyalgia patients suffer terrible agony in many areas of their bodies, yet many describe a range of back ache problems as their most feared symptoms.

Back pain is always a trial to endure, but for fibromyalgia patients, it is the proverbial icing on their cake of suffering. All it takes is one glance at the symptom location chart associated with FMS to see that 10 of the 18 diagnostic points are located on the dorsal anatomy.

Chronic back ache is certainly the most prevalent serious patient complaint and does plenty to break the will and spirit of each patient before the other tormenting symptoms can even do their damage. This narrative focuses on dorsal symptoms of FMS.

Fibromyalgia Back Pain Causes

Fibromyalgia is a condition that may be caused by cellular oxygen deprivation in many instances. This process affects many areas of the patient’s body. Spinal structures, such as ligaments, muscles, and especially nerves, are particularly prone to the negative health effects of oxygen deprivation. It is for this reason that many fibromyalgia patients have such unbelievably severe dorsalgia.

Oxygen deprivation causes muscles to cramp up and nerves to lose their ability to function correctly. Regardless of whether these structures are deprived of oxygen by the subconscious mind, or the physical body, the effects are always devastating. Widespread FMS back ache can result in complete disability for the patient.

Hope for Fibromyalgia Back Pain

Medical science has not achieved much success in the treatment of fibromyalgia. In fact, many care providers are still spending most of their energy fighting the idea of a possible and logical psychosomatic causation of the condition instead of actually helping patients to get better. How can medicine expect to treat a pain syndrome, when it does not even know the true cause? It is no surprise that of the 100’s of treatment options for fibromyalgia, none of them are considered universally effective. Most FMS therapies are not even FDA approved.

Knowledge therapy has done wonders for some open-minded fibromyalgia patients who are suffering with all types of symptoms, including acute and chronic back pain. This treatment is free of charge, free of side effects and free of the risks of most pharmaceutical treatments. The best part of knowledge therapy is that it can set the patient free from their misery. This approach will not work for everyone, but shows promise for helping many who try it. Remember, in order for knowledge therapy to work, the cause of pain must be a mindbody condition. Some FMS patients have been misdiagnosed and are actually suffering from some other yet to be determined physical issue or disease.

Fibromyalgia Back Pain Summation

The FMS epidemic grows year by year. There are thousands of doctors who are working tirelessly to find new and innovative treatments for this illness. There are huge drug companies researching the latest and greatest products for the treatment of fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, the condition remains one of the most disabling illnesses in the world today.

If fibromyalgia had a mouth, it would certainly be laughing at these medical scientists. All their work is worth nothing, since they have completely missed the boat when it comes to the true nature of the disease. Drugs will never cure FMS.

It is time for a paradigm shift in the way fibromyalgia is treated. Actually it is long overdue for a paradigm shift in the treatment of all illness and disease. Medicine must embrace the connection between the mind and the body in order to progress to a new level of success. Treatment is not enough. Patients need cures. Until this change of mindset occurs, patients will continue to suffer.

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