Toxic Fibromyalgia Drugs

Fibromyalgia Drugs

The original purpose of this article detailing fibromyalgia drugs was to describe some of the recent additions to the pharmaceutical battle against this dreaded condition. However, the more research I did, the angrier I got at the cookie-cutter treatment received by most FMS patients. Without exception, almost every fibromyalgia specialist simply tells their patients to take a cocktail of potent and risky drugs and call them in a few months. We are a pill popping society and I, for one, will not contribute to this ludicrous treatment approach, especially when none of these drugs do anything but provide symptomatic relief barely enough to contain the agony which is named fibromyalgia.

This critical view of FMS therapy focuses on the profitable obsession with prescribing dangerous and unproven medications that will never cure the disease, but will certainly cause extremely negative collateral health effects.

Facts About Fibromyalgia Drugs

Instead of providing big pharmaceutical companies with even more free advertising (as if they need it), I intend to discuss some of the lesser considered aspects of fibromyalgia medication. Let’s begin.

Most drugs do not do anything to even attempt to cure the condition. The ones which do attempt to cure are aimed at processes which are now known not to cause fibromyalgia. What is the point? Symptomatic treatment is described as humanitarian and I agree when a cure is not available. However, there is another appropriate word for it… slavery.

Many drugs specifically formulated for fibromyalgia show little benefit when compared to placebo treatment. Some actually show less benefit but are still marketed to desperate patients. The risks for these specialized drugs are often high and side effects are extensive, possibly being worse than the condition itself. Once again, what is the point?

Prescribing Fibromyalgia Drugs

Doctors love drugs since they make their job so easy... "Take 5 of these a day and call me in 2 months. That will be $400 please." It is a great way to make easy money, for sure. Taking time to actually evaluate a patient’s symptoms and then finding an effective and appropriate program of care is too labor intensive and is not nearly as rewarding financially.

In fact, many doctors leave pharmaceutical treatment up to the clueless patients themselves: “Are these medicines working for you? No? Ok, take double the dose. Ok, not good enough? Sure, I will give you something more powerful.” These are the same doctors who are shocked when half their client list develops addiction issues. Gee, I wonder why…

Guidance on Fibromyalgia Drugs

Rather than becoming a slave to some pill which is not proven to do anything, why not take the time to investigate therapies which have been proven to at least provide the possibility for a cure.

Knowledge therapy is always a good alternative, since there are absolutely no risks and no side effects at all. There are also no economic costs involved. How many medical treatments fit those stringent criteria?  Let’s see… zero. Do not expect to hear much about Dr. Sarno’s therapy program from your rheumatologist, since this approach to care is diametrically opposed to their economic bottom line.

Please be careful when treating FMS with drugs. These substances are really bad for you and can take a serious toll on your health and future functionality.

At the very least, please research every drug you are given and learn the objective truths of their negative effects. Then, you can talk to your doctor and work together to find drugs which may not be so harmful, or better yet, bypass the pharmacy altogether and look for other types of pain management, like acupuncture.

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