Indisputable Fibromyalgia Facts

Fibromyalgia Facts

The real fibromyalgia facts remain a mystery to most doctors and patients alike. Instead, individual care providers propagate myths about FMS and this has directly led to the horrific curative statistics offered by most accepted treatments.

Fibromyalgia is a condition which has grown at alarming proportions throughout industrialized countries, yet remains virtually unknown in many less developed areas of the world. This gives us a clue as to the possible ischemic and psychosomatic nature of most patient's symptoms. As with many suspected mindbody disorders, patient sensitivity to the suggestion of a non-anatomical cause is high and many patients fear the perceived stigma of the psychosomatic label more than the condition itself. This is probably due to a basic misunderstanding of the mindbody process and its universal nature. It may also be due to a bad experience in which the victim was made to feel as if they were inventing or exaggerating their suffering. This is completely understandable. The secondary gain theory of pain is still widely held by some doctors, even though it is completely non-applicable to most people who are actually suffering from primary gain symptoms.

This article examines the objective truths of fibromyalgia from a research perspective spanning 15+ years.

Facts about Fibromyalgia and TMS

Dr. John Sarno of the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine/NYU Medical Center in New York City is one of the main supporters of the idea that fibromyalgia is merely a severe form of his tension myositis syndrome diagnosis. TMS describes a condition caused by subconscious repression, yet experienced completely in the anatomical form via oxygen deprivation.

Not coincidentally, researchers studying fibromyalgia have proven conclusively that there is indeed a reduced amount of oxygen in the nuclei of affected cells in diagnosed individuals. Furthermore, knowledge therapy, one of the more promising potential cures for TMS, also works wonders for many fibromyalgia patients, even when the usual medical and complementary medical therapies fail miserably.

Embracing the Fibromyalgia Facts

Due to the popular misunderstanding of the word psychosomatic, many patients are insulted by the mere inference that their pain might be the result of an emotional process. These patients typically feel as if their pain is being belittled and their symptoms are doubted as some figment of an overactive imagination. Well, this is the problem which prevents recovery.

The psychological symptom stigma is strong and prevents most of these patients from even seriously considering the idea that their pain is not only caused by a psychoemotional process, but also that the pain can be cured by one. I strongly suggest that every patient research the true facts of mindbody medicine before coming to any conclusions about the nature of their pain. This knowledge might provide the difference between enjoying symptomatic resolution or being confined eternally to a life of hellish agony.

Advice on Fibromyalgia Facts

Mindbody conditions are universal in humans, with the only variations coming in terms of severity, location and duration of symptoms experienced. Fibromyalgia may be a particularly vicious mindbody disorder, but is still likely to be a psychosomatic condition, nonetheless. Medical doctors and fibromyalgia specialists have proven themselves to be impotent in the face of this rampant disorder, while knowledge therapy continues to help countless patients.

You do not have to accept the whole idea of a psychosomatic causation in order to start on the right path to fibromyalgia relief. You simply have to accept the possibility of the theory and allow the facts to speak for themselves. We are so confident in this statement due to the overwhelmingly positive response of fibromyalgia patients to our proprietary pain relief program. We have cured so many patients using purely natural holistic therapies that act on FMS at its root source, instead of burying the symptoms in a pharmacological haze of suffering.

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