In Search of Fibromyalgia Relief

Fibromyalgia Relief

Finding lasting fibromyalgia relief seems like an impossible dream, since therapy options generally offer horrible curative results. FMS is a chronic debilitating condition that literally saps the life out of an individual. Doctors have been mostly ineffective at providing relief from the pain and other symptoms of this illness. Medical science has also been at a complete loss when it comes to finding an actual cause or cure for fibromyalgia.

FMS has become a stubborn problem in the modern medical system, affecting mostly healthy women in the prime of their lives. Although this is a condition which enjoys a tremendous diversity of treatment options, it is also one which suffers from some of the worst treatment results in the medical sector.

This article will discuss why FMS is so resistant to therapies and what is wrong with the way the condition is managed in almost every instance.

Symptom-Based Fibromyalgia Relief

Patients with fibromyalgia experience pain in widespread areas of their body. Most complain of pain in the joints and muscles, fatigue, listlessness and anxiety. Malaise, moodiness, depression, headaches, digestive tract sensitivity and skin disorders are other common expressions of the disease. Picture a really bad case of the flu that never goes away, and then add additional physical and emotional symptoms. This is what life is like when you are suffering from fibromyalgia.

Primary symptoms vary greatly, as do secondary. There are no universal rules for what constitutes FMS and this is part of the problem. It is quite obvious that many women diagnosed with the disorder are actually suffering from some other physical or emotional health issue which has not been correctly identified. This explains the incredible variation in symptomatic expression.

Finding Fibromyalgia Relief

Most doctors who concentrate on the treatment of fibromyalgia are rheumatologists or immune disorder specialists. These doctors have been researching the condition for decades, but are no closer to finding a cure.

Theories about the true cause of the pain syndrome have come and gone. It seems every month, a new research project has linked the disease to some physical trait, chemical imbalance, contaminant or hormone. Medical science is chasing a ghost when it comes to fibromyalgia. The physical expressions they discover seem to be coincidental anatomical traits or direct results of the disease. 

Many mindbody professionals speculate that the illness is most likely caused by a psychological process. Many doctors have theorized about this possibility, but the idea just has not made a big enough impression on medicine to stick thus far. Well, since you can not cure an emotional problem with drugs, funding for emotional causation research is never picked up by the large drug companies. Funding for discovering a possible physical cure is supported 100%, since the drug companies can make a huge profit selling their prescription products to millions of desperate patients.

This has been the way of modern medicine when it comes to many conditions, from back pain to fibromyalgia, from TMJ to IBS. A physical cause must exist in order to make a profit. To this end, doctors continue to search for it and may even create it if need be.

Fibromyalgia Relief Reality

All this ongoing research and thousands of treatments have produced nothing in the way of positive results. Science is no closer to determining the actual cause of fibromyalgia. Forget about an effective treatment. Forget about a cure. Science has come up with handfuls of pain management drugs that often create enough side effects to actually be considered toxic. Drugs are not the answer to this problem.

The only positive thing that fibromyalgia treatment has going for it when compared to treatment for other forms of common back pain is the lack of surgical options. At least the surgeons have not begun cutting up patients for no reason, like is common for most back pain conditions. If rheumatologists were surgical specialists, like orthopedists are, I am sure the path to treatment would be very different, as well.

Fibromyalgia Relief Conclusion

Read about the knowledge therapy approach before trying any ridiculous physical treatment regimen. If knowledge therapy fails you, you can always try the drugs or dietary methods later. You have nothing to lose and a potential cure to gain.

Statistics are good for complete symptomatic alleviation using this alternative therapy for fibromyalgia. When compared to the medical cure rate, knowledge therapy wins hands down, exponentially.

You can learn more by reading the many books on the subject, with some of the best being written by the renowned Dr. John E. Sarno. I spend some some time speaking about using mindbody therapies in my own books, which can be found here.

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