Mindbody-Enacted Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia is an epidemic condition that has permeated every level of modern society. The propagation of the condition has benefited from medical science’s incessant desire to classify and simplify diagnoses. This disorder is clearly not a singular medical condition, but instead, a syndrome consisting of many separate and individualized symptoms acting in unison. Patients are typically emotionally crushed by the nocebo effect of this powerful diagnosis, especially once they research the condition and realize just how powerless medicine has been at successfully treating it.

This controversial essay details the possibility that fibromyalgia is nothing more than yet another of the many psychosomatic pain syndromes that have been grossly mishandled by the medical establishment.

Fibromyalgia Condition

Rheumatologists are the primary healthcare specialists in the fight against this chronic pain disorder. Doctors do not agree on what exactly causes the symptoms of FMS, with some leaning towards a viral agent, some a hormonal or chemical imbalance, some the psychological idea of secondary gain and others being simply baffled. Therefore, treatment strategies range a wide spectrum from conservative to experimental to downright comical.

Medical science has found absolutely no success in identifying and curing the actual causes of FMS and has had only minimal success controlling the symptoms via powerful and hazardous drugs.

The Growing FMS Epidemic

FMS has been on the steady rise for over 30 years. The incidence of diagnosis is more prevalent than ever, especially among young women. It is amazing that educated patients and doctors alike subscribe to all the partial or ridiculous theories concerning the nature of this disorder, when the same doctors explaining the causative circumstances have no ideas how to prevent it, stop it or even make it more livable.

When it comes to the chronic pain and suffering of this disorder, medicine has once again completely missed the point. Worse still, its ineptitude has ruined the lives of so many which have been labeled with the FMS diagnosis, then simply abandoned for lack of effective treatment.

One of the main problems is that doctors do not seriously consider the probability that FMS is a mindbody disorder, despite evidence of such being continuously provided by research scientists who are trying to better understand the origins of the syndrome.

FMS Considerations

Some doctors speculate that this disease can be best classified by placing it in the same category as conditions such as tension myositis syndrome. These pain syndromes are psychologically-induced, yet experienced 100% physically.

Just as physical medicine has proven useless against TMS and other forms of psychosomatic pain, it has proven itself equally useless against fibromyalgia. I have personally witnessed the complete amelioration of symptoms in many patients using knowledge therapy to cure their pain.  I can’t say the same for any of the multitude of medical, alternative medical or new age treatments being marketed towards the growing number of suffering patients.

I would love to hear your experiences receiving FMS treatment. Based on past correspondences, I know it can be a disappointing journey, but if you have enjoyed any benefits from a particular choice of therapy, please share your story to help others.

If you are suffering with FMS, take time to learn the facts of the condition and open your mind to the very good chance that the pain is not being generated by any anatomical process. No one is doubting the validity of the hellish pain or the fact that the symptoms are completely real. However, the root source might be a psychological process rather than a physical one, which would go a very long way in explaining why all the physically-directed treatments do more harm than good.

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