Treatment with Back Pain Books

Back Pain Books

Back pain books may be focused on a wide range of potential treatment options and are typically geared toward providing self-help lessons for patients who choose to treat their pain at home.These books may concentrate on exercises for back pain, herbal treatments, holistic back care, surgical spinal interventions or knowledge therapy programs.

Obviously, it is crucial to read books which are indicated for your particular diagnosed condition, as well as harmonious to your philosophy of treating pain. However, it never hurts to read and sometimes, discovering a new outlook on something can be just what you need to fill in a piece of your back pain relief puzzle.

Varieties of Books About Back Pain

There are many back pain books that qualify as educational tools in a knowledge therapy program. Different back pain books will touch each individual in their own unique way. If you are pursuing knowledge therapy as treatment program, I would recommend reading as many of these books as possible. Find the ones that you can really relate to and re-read them over and over. This is the best way to ensure the knowledge will really sink in to your mind.

Make sure to research the subject matter before purchasing a book. Some books are about curing back pain through surgery. If you are trying to avoid back surgery, these books would not be a good tool for you.

There are many books about finding back pain relief using various methods of exercise. There are others about using a proper diet to heal your back.

Knowledge Therapy Back Pain Books

The following books are the ones truly related to pure knowledge therapy. These are the books that show you how it may be possible to eliminate back pain without any physical treatments.  I can not begin to tell you what a difference these books made in my life and in the lives of countless others who suffer from intractable chronic pain.

The following are some of my favorite books about mindbody medicine:

Cure Back Pain Forever I am a little partial to this one, since I wrote it. This book contains my own personal story of back pain, including the physical conditions I faced, the unsuccessful treatments I tried and the successes I found using a mindbody approach to care. I go into great detail about how you can use the same method I used to treat your own chronic back pain without drugs or surgery. This book is not some crazy miracle cure. It is a comprehensive patient history based on sound medical science and psychology. Now, the book is just a small part of our larger pain relief program, which has earned accolades from major healthcare organizations around the world.

Healing Back Pain by Dr. John Sarno, is one of the all time best books on the topic. It is well written and easy to digest. This book is quite short, so it is easy to read in one sitting and re-read as necessary. I have honestly read it over 100 times during the time I was trying to overcome my horrible pain.

The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders is the latest from Dr. Sarno and 6 other mind/body physicians. An inspiring read which demonstrates the growing acceptance of mindbody treatment among traditional physicians.

The Mindbody Prescription by Dr. John Sarno takes the topic of psychological pain beyond tension myositis syndrome and includes information on many different psychologically induced pain syndromes. I must have read this book at least 100 times.

The Healer Within by Dr. Steven Locke and Douglas Colligan is a good all around book on the present state and history of mindbody medicine.

Spontaneous Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil is my favorite from this incredible author. Any book by Dr. Weil is worth reading, but this one really shows some great examples of people who have overcome horrible illness using the power of the mind.

This is a small list, to be sure. There are many other excellent works, not shown here, that are worth reading. I would love to hear your feedback regarding your own personal favorites.

Guidance on Back Pain Books

Back pain books are not expensive. They can actually be free to take out at your local library. E-books can be purchased online in the comfort of your home and read immediately. There is no excuse not to read some of these excellent sources of knowledge and information. The key to making these books work for you is to read and re-read them. Find passages that are especially true for your back condition and use them as guides to help you to overcome your pain.

It is never a waste of time to continue to read a given book for months, as you might be able to use knowledge therapy to heal yourself of many health issues. The information has to really sink in to your conscious and subconscious minds, which can take some time. Continue to reinforce the knowledge and you may just be on your way to successful resolution of your type of back ache.

Many people report permanent lasting cures using many mindbody approaches to care. Since there are no costs or risks involved, there is really nothing at all to lose by trying.

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