Journaling for Pain Relief


Journaling can be a valuable part of a knowledge therapy treatment program aimed at resolving chronic pain. All varieties of psychologically-enacted back pain, including tension myositis syndrome, can not be truly cured with any physical medical treatment. It is crucial that the patient understand this concept and learn all the tools they will need in order to defeat any mindbody syndrome which is affecting them.

Writing every day is a great way of coming to terms with the repressed emotional issues which may be creating your painful symptoms. This article will provide lots of information on keeping a journal and using it to help you better understand the emotional symptom imperative.

Journaling as a Back Pain Treatment

Writing in and of itself will do nothing to provide back pain relief. It is the issues that you write about which can help to resolve sensitized emotional concerns which may be driving a mindbody symptom syndrome.

Psychosomatic pain is generated due to repressed painful and emotionally charged issues, thoughts, feelings, fears and anger in the subconscious mind. These issues seek to escape from their hidden places deep in the subconscious, but are kept at bay through the use of distractive mechanisms, such as pain.

The physical symptoms are often treated symptomatically, but the underlying issues remain locked away in their subconscious prison, continuing to cause havoc for years or even an entire lifetime. The way to end this psychological symptom imperative is to discover, acknowledge and resolve the causative emotional issues. Writing in a journal can help patients to do this if they work diligently on the process.

How Will Journaling Help My Back Pain?

Journaling will get you in touch with your surface feelings first. You can start by writing about anything that is on your mind at the time. Write good things and bad things, fearful things and joyous things. It is important to get to know yourself well from an objective point of view.

Remember, there are places and parts inside you that you have never seen and might not recognize. These parts reside in your subconscious and are purposefully kept shut away from your consciousness.

Use the conscious issues you write about to delve deeper into your personality. Try to link your conscious thoughts and feeling to issues that are hidden from your everyday perception. Look into your past and uncover the mysteries of why you are who you are.  This is one of the topics I cover extensively in my book Introspective Journaling, as well as in other books in the Cure Back Pain Forever Program. These books are available to help you immediately 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

Journaling for Back Pain Relief

It will take some time for you to see results from this process. Personally I wrote several times a day, every day, for a few months. I rarely sat down to a formal writing session, but instead, wrote casually whenever the thoughts came to me.

I set aside time every couple of weeks to go back and read what I had written. This was very valuable, since it gave me an overall picture of how my mind worked and what I was really all about. I always had many new topics to explore after reading my work.

It was very interesting getting to know me.

It sounds strange, but most people I have met really do not have a complete picture of who they really are. Your conscious view of yourself is certainly not an accurate depiction of who you are. Your conscious self image is merely an invention of your subconscious mind, so it is deceptive and incomplete. Once you delve into yourself, you will know who you are, why you are that way, and how you got there.

It is very important to be objective, accepting and non-judgmental when writing. You are not trying to be self-defeatist or self loathing during this process. The idea of writing is to understand yourself and discover the possible issues causing your pain. I am often asked if this process will help any other condition besides back pain. My answer is always a resounding yes.

Writing in a journal will help to get in touch with issues causing any form of psychological pain syndrome. Remember, the more severe your pain, the further you might have to dig to uncover all the issues causing it. It is a process which takes time, but can payoff in the form of a pain-free future.

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