Leg Cramps Caused by Ischemia

Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are a common symptomatic condition which can be caused by a number of possible sources including structural concerns, disease processes, circulatory issues, neurological conditions and even mindbody interactions.

While most people suffer leg muscle spasms related to specific injuries or muscular overexertion, some poor individuals are victimized by chronic cramping of the leg muscles which can make life virtually unbearable. Many of these patients are affected at the worst possible times by these terrible spasms, including when trying to sleep or when working. Ongoing leg muscle cramps can be an unbelievably debilitating health crisis.

This article examines the many potential sources of leg cramping expressions and focuses special attention on psychosomatic causations that can create chronic pain problems in the legs, such as sciatica.

Causes of Leg Cramps

There are a variety of possible causations for typical leg muscle cramping. The most common reasons include:

Growing pains can cause cramps in the legs or almost anywhere in the body. Growing pains usually occur during times of significant growth spurts, such as during adolescence. Some doctors speculate that growing pains are actually psychological symptom expressions that occur in children and young adults.

Muscular injury can create the ideal circumstances for cramped-up leg muscles.

Overexertion can cause muscles to cramp, due to overuse and a lack of oxygen.

Chronic ischemia is the source of many ongoing leg muscle cramp scenarios. Many of these issues are directly sourced by the mindbody processes.

Ischemic Leg Cramps

Many patients have persistent leg muscle cramps which may occur in relation to a specific activity or may flare-up in unpredictable patterns. Most people suffer the worst of these cramps when resting or reclining. This makes sense, since ischemia is caused by a reduction in cellular oxygenation. Circulation to the lower limbs is reduced in a reclined position and decreased again while we sleep or rest.

Ischemic cramps can be very severe and are usually the result of a psychosomatic process. These types of problematic cramps are also typical back pain substitute symptoms for many affected patients.

Leg Muscle Cramp Experiences

I remember a 2 year stretch between 1995 and 1996 when I suffered regular leg muscle cramps in bed almost every night. I blamed the symptoms on my martial arts training (which was my usual rationale) and never thought too much about them.

I do recall being woken up from many disturbing dreams with a dire cramp in one or both legs and feet. My nighttime leg muscle spasms came to an abrupt end when I desperately hurt my back in 1997. Looking back, it is now obvious to me that these psychosomatic symptoms just could not hold my attention and were a harbinger of worse painful trauma to come.

My advice to patients with chronic cramps in their legs or feet is to consider knowledge therapy as a possible treatment option for your pain. This is the most effectual therapy option for any ischemic event and may help you to overcome your symptoms in no time at all; without cost or risk.

Recently, I have constant minor cramping in my feet and toes, especially on the left foot. I am not 100% sure whether these concerns are structurally-motivated, continuing mindbody issues, or a combination, but with the stresses of life and my advanced spinal concerns, they are likely to be a product of both factors.

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