Lumbar Back Pain Issues

Lumbar Back Pain

Lumbar back pain is the most common form of chronic and acute spinal pain suffered by patients across the globe. Lower back pain is a serious condition that can prevent a person from functioning in their job, fulfilling family responsibilities and living a full and rewarding life. There is no doubt that many patients become obsessed with their tormenting pain and spend every waking moment trying to find relief.

Unfortunately, curative statistics for back pain treatment are not favorable and are particularly cruel for chronic low back ache sufferers. Many will never find a cure, while the majority will be lucky if they can simply enjoy marked symptomatic relief.

This essay investigates why lumbar back pain is such a horror to endure and how it can actually be stopped forever.

Lumbar Back Pain Causes

Medical science usually traces back pain to an injury or some degenerative process. The lower back is a tough structure, but can be traumatized from a variety of events. Luckily, physical symptoms usually respond well to appropriate back pain treatment and the patient will get better, as long as the diagnosis is correct and the therapy is rendered successfully.

Doctors traditionally do not recognize one of the most prevalent causes of chronic back pain in their diagnostic process. Psychosomatic back pain is a leading cause of long-term symptoms in all areas of the back, including the lumbar region. Even though medicine has proven the direct and powerful link between the mind and the body in some aspects of interaction, it often denies the role the subconscious mind can and does play in the creation of severe back pain and other psychologically-induced pain syndromes.

Fortunately, this small-mindedness is disappearing in mainstream medicine, since more and more research has proven the facts of the mindbody processes and doctors have simply had to accept that what they have been doing to combat back ache for decades was generally ineffectual.

Lumbar Back Pain Diagnosis

The only way to find a true cure is with a correct diagnosis. If treatment is being administered towards an incorrectly identified causative condition, there is no chance for that therapy to work. Many patients with misdiagnosed pain suffer for years because of an inaccurate or incomplete diagnosis.

When I meet a patient with lasting unresolved back pain, the first thing that enters my mind is almost always: Did they even consider the possibility that the diagnosis is wrong?

It is amazing how many patients will go from treatment to treatment without finding a cure and will become progressively angrier that these therapies did not help them. However, they never even think to question the reason for the treatment failure. If the diagnosis is wrong, every therapy will likely fail. It is simple logic and research supports the common incidence of misdiagnosis in the dorsopathy sector.

Lumbar Back Pain Solution

If you are experiencing treatment-resistant back pain, I urge you to consider reassessing your diagnosis by getting a second, or even third opinion. This is almost always the true cause of multiple treatment failure. Patients will move around trying various therapy methods and being treated by several doctors. However, they almost never start from scratch with a new care provider, since they usually hold on to their previous diagnosis, even though treatments designed specifically to resolve that diagnosis have failed them time and time again.

It is a sad but incredibly true fact.

It is also one of the main perpetuating factors for their ongoing pain.

Recommendation on Lumbar Back Pain

Lower back pain was my nightmarish reality for 18 long years and has become so once again. Can you imagine suffering with progressively worse pain year after year, despite trying literally everything to cure your debilitating symptoms?

I can certainly remember each and every time my back went acute and the crippling effects it had on my body and my life. I literally lived with the constant threat of pain, day and night. There was no doubt that I was not in control of my life, since chronic pain had a dog collar on my neck and led me around like a puppy.

Despite all this, I did manage to overcome my tormentor. Thanks to an open mind, vast research and outstanding and innovative doctors like John Sarno, I was finally able to understand why my pain had lasted for so long. Once I figured out what all my other doctors and therapists could not, I cured my own pain in a matter of months, using no drugs, products, exercises or surgery. I was amazed. Years later, I am still amazed!

Life is wonderful without back pain. I have vowed to do my best help others and take my mission very seriously. If you need help, please learn more about our proprietary pain relief program. It is available immediately 24 hours a day for patients who need assistance right now.

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