Torment of Painful Back Muscles

Painful Back Muscles

Painful back muscles can cause excruciating misery for patients of all ages and lifestyles. Muscular back pain is the most common type of back and spine complaint and can be caused by a variety of physical and psychological sources. While the symptoms associated with back muscle pain can be severe, the condition itself is rarely serious and can go away quickly with little or no treatment. Muscles are some of the most efficient of all bodily tissues when it comes to repairing injury and healing defects.

Chronic soft tissue concerns in muscular tissue are rare and often only exist due to truly terrible trauma or definitive repetitive stress scar formation. While virtually all patients accept that they have agonizing symptoms in their muscles, most never think to question why.

The scope of this article will help explore the reasons for lasting muscular torment due to painful back muscles.

Structurally Painful Back Muscles

Back injury seems like the most logical explanation for muscular pain in many patients. Injury can be traumatic or subtle, often building over time due to any of the following circumstances:

Repetitive stress pain describes recurrent small injuries which never actually heal and add up to become a big pain problem.

Work-related back pain can be caused by poor ergonomics, traumatic injury or other factors.

Sports back pain may result from accidental injury, over-training or repetitive strain.

Poor posture back pain can be linked to posture which is too straight or to slouched, standing or sitting.

Soft tissue injury can affect the muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons in the back. Strains, sprains and tears in these tissues can be very painful and may result in agonizing waves of muscular spasm. Regardless of the severity of the symptoms, there is rarely cause for concern. Get serous symptoms evaluated, then follow these simple tips to help speed healing:

Stay relaxed, get some rest and do not get stressed out over the symptoms. Obsession with the pain sets the stage for an ongoing psychological pain syndrome to begin, which may last long after the actual muscular injury has healed.

Be wary about pharmaceutical treatment, since drug therapy can have significant health risks. Most of all, when choosing symptomatic care modalities to increase your comfort while healing, look to natural and holistic practices for best results. Heat, ice, water therapy, acupuncture and massage all work well without any downside.

Mindbody Painful Back Muscles

Muscular tension, tightness and pain are often the results of conscious stress back pain. These are emotional issues that we are aware of and often are a worry to us. This overwhelming psychological burden can cause a breakdown in our physical bodies in order to distract us from the crushing emotional overload.

Allow yourself time to de-stress and vent your frustrations over life’s trials and turmoils. Do not repress your stress, since this can lead to a far worse type of psychological back pain. Repressed emotional issues, thoughts, feelings, fears, insecurities and memories can lead to powerful psychologically induced pain syndromes, including ultra-severe back muscle pain. This pain may become so critical that the patient is often hospitalized and fears that they have a dire spinal condition.

Of course, a diagnosis is usually made and the pain is blamed on some coincidental spinal scapegoat condition. This is often the start of an ongoing series of unsuccessful treatments for a condition which has been misdiagnosed. Medical treatments do nothing to cure a psychosomatic pain condition. Meanwhile the patient continues to suffer with horrible bouts of acute and chronic back pain.

Painful Back Muscle Torment

Injuries heal. Pain goes away and life returns to normal. This is the way our bodies were designed and this is the way nature works. If you have recently injured your back muscles, do not worry. All will be well again. You just need to give it time and possibly, a bit of treatment.

If you have unresolved back pain that has resisted all attempts at treatment, then you have a real problem. You have probably tried many modalities of therapy with limited or no relief provided. It might be time to think differently about the real cause of your pain.

Relentless chronic back ache may the result of purely psychological factors or a combination of mind and body contributors. As soon as a patient realizes and accepts this simple lesson, the sooner they can begin to recover. It took me 18 years of suffering to learn this fact… the hard way. Once I learned, my painful back muscles improved. It was really that simple.

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