Percocet for Back Pain Problems

Percocet for Back Pain

Percocet for back pain is a popular brand name prescription drug consisting of a mixture of oxycodone and paracetamol (also known as acetaminophen). Oxycodone is the main active pain relieving ingredient in this drug. Acetaminophen is included to encourage dual pain relief from both drugs, but mainly to prevent dependence on the more powerful and addictive oxycodone.

It is crucial to exercise extreme care when taking Percocet or any oxycodone-based drug, since there are often unwanted side effects including a sizeable risk of user dependency. It is well known in medical circles that Percocet is one of the most often abused of all narcotic pain management substances.

This essay provides warning for chronic pain sufferers who are using Percocet for symptom management, especially long-term.

Significant Risks of Percocet for Back Pain

Oxycodone has several common side effects including constipation, dry mouth, nausea, emotional and mood changes, dizziness and skin rash. Oxycodone has been linked to impotence in men related to prostate problems. The drug is also a primary contributor to certain types of renal and liver dysfunction syndromes.

The most serious complications associated with Percocet are the risks of addiction and abuse. Patients can develop a rather quick dependency to the drug, which can lead them to suffer terrible withdrawal upon discontinuing use. Some patients can not stop using Percocet and either acquire the drug illegally or use it as a gateway to worse drugs which offer a similar feeling, like morphine or heroin.

Varieties of Percocet

Percocet is only one brand name of the combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. Other common brand name drugs consisting of this same drug cocktail are Tylox, Endocet and Roxicet. Regardless of the name, the oxycodone ingredient is the more effective part of the formula for severe pain and also the ingredient which must be closely monitored.

Many illicit variations of the drug are now generally available on the street markets of the world, demonstrating the ever-increasing popular demand for this addictive pill despite its tight regulation by pharmacy and medical providers. Additionally, many users degrade into addiction to these knock off products or even illicit drugs, like heroin, that mimic many of the effects of authentic Percocet.

Overview of Percocet for Back Pain

Like most other narcotic drugs, Percocet is nothing to play around with. It is not to be taken like an aspirin at the first sign of pain. Taking oxycodone casually is the easiest way to develop an addiction that can maim or kill. We have known many patients over the last decade who have died as a direct result of addiction to prescription pain medications. Despite the torture, no one dies from back pain. Therefore, the treatment is actually more pathological than the "disease".

Make sure to inform your doctor of any health problems or drugs you are using to avoid potentially harmful or even fatal interactions. Do not drink alcohol when taking any form of oxycodone.

If you have been prescribed Percocet, make sure to follow the doctor’s directions to the letter. Discontinue using the drug as soon as possible and try to find natural, non-pharmaceutical means of continuing pain relief.

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