Mindbody Sexual Dysfunction 

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can affect men and women of any age and physical condition. Sexual disorders are a taboo subject that often entail terrible physical and psychoemotional effects for the victim. This group of disorders is as diverse, both in their symptoms and causes, as the patients suffering from them. Sexual disorders span a wide gamut of expressions and can greatly diminish an inherently joyful aspect of life.

Proper sexual function is an important and rewarding part of our human journey. For this reason, it is crucial to work towards achieving an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment when it comes to sexual problems, despite the stigma often associated with male erectile or female sexual impairment.

This guide profiles sexual disorders that are related to mindbody causative factors.

What is Sexual Dysfunction?

There are many conditions that might be considered to create sexually dysfunctional symptoms. Any problem that prevents proper arousal, performance, or orgasm can be considered a dysfunction.

Some conditions affect men and women equally, while others are gender-specific. Sexual problems can be caused by physical factors or might be part of a larger psychologically induced pain syndrome

Many patients are embarrassed by sexual health issues and never seek professional help. This is not advised, since the physical problems will endure indefinitely and the emotional burden is likely to escalate, as well.

Sexual problems can sometimes cause unmendable rifts in relationships and can even cause serious psychological disorders in select patients.

Types of Sexual Disorders

Lack of arousal can affect men and women. Men may suffer erectile dysfunction and women might have difficulty becoming aroused.

Painful intercourse is more common in women, but is possible for men, as well.

Premature orgasm is almost always a male problem. Meanwhile, the inability to orgasm is often a female problem, but can also affect men.

Performance-based concerns are almost always psychologically motivated, while concerns relating to the ability to perform at all may be physical or psychological in nature. This can make proper diagnosis very difficult and treatment very frustrating for some affected patients.

Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction

There are far too many specific causes and problems to generalize about the best treatment options for sexual performance issues. It is crucial to achieve an accurate diagnosis, then allow that diagnosis to dictate proper treatment. Physical sexual problems should be treated with appropriate medical therapy.

Remember that the majority of chronic, unresponsive sexual disorders are caused by a psychological process. In order to overcome any emotional or psychological problem, proper psychoemotional treatment, such as knowledge therapy, must be used. Unfortunately, many patients receive medical care when they should actually seek psychological care. The drugs and procedures commonly used to treat sexual concerns may be partially effective, but will never solve the underlying emotional reasons for the problem to exist in the first place.

If the symptom imperative continues despite successful resolution of one expression, there is likely to be a new expression commenced soon after treatment ends. This means that symptoms may start again in the same or another location until the patient finally addresses the source process of why the syndrome began.

Sexual Dysfunction Suggestions

It is crucial to solve sexual problems in order to improve the quality of life, improve intimate relationships and maintain a sense of worth and a positive self image. Sexual expression is an important part of life that can bring much joy and satisfaction.

Repressed emotional issues are the #1 cause for general sexual disorders. Although medical treatments can eliminate some of the symptoms, a full cure is always preferred. The only true method to cure psychological sexual disorders is with an effective psychological treatment.

Knowledge therapy has proven itself to do wonders in some cases. Some patients can manage fine using the books alone, while others must seek psychotherapy. Regardless, the work put into the program will pay great dividends, not only in potentially curing the sexual dysfunction, but also in creating a better understanding of the mindbody health processes.

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