Pregnancy Lower Back Pain Help

Pregnancy Lower Back Pain

Most treatment for pregnancy lower back pain is conservative in nature. This is to be expected, since many spinal therapy options demonstrate some degree of risk and this danger should never be passed along to the fetus. Mild to moderate pregnancy back pain is normal and is considered part of the experience of bringing a new life into the world. However, severe back ache can be an indicator of serious health concerns and should be reported to your doctor immediately.

This article will focus on some methods of care which are appropriate for pregnant women with dorsalgia and warn against some treatment practices which may potentially harm the developing child.

Pregnancy Lower Back Pain Treatments

The following are all commonly utilized therapy choices for back ache suffered by pregnant women:

Physical therapy will improve a woman’s posture and increase the strength of her lumbar muscles. Proper movement will be taught to avoid applying extra stress to the spine and lower back muscles. Exercises will make the muscles more resistant to increased pressure from the protruding abdomen.

Knowledge therapy is an alternative mindbody treatment that will offer a source of reassurance that the back pain should end after the birth. Remember that many instances of muscular back pain are caused or worsened by psychological or emotional stress. Pregnancy is obviously an anxiety-ridden time of life for many women.

Pain management drugs for back pain are not the best treatment option, due to the increased risks to the baby. I would recommend avoiding any drug usage during pregnancy. Beware of any doctor who is too eager to treat your pain with drugs, no matter how conservatively.

Acupuncture is a good holistic substitute for pharmaceutical pain relief. Since the cause of the pain is temporary, the treatments should be as well. This might be one of the best instances where acupuncture is a great treatment for back pain.

Back braces can be used to relieve lower back pressure. There are many specialized soft style braces designed especially to relieve pregnancy lower back pain.

Alexander technique can be a valuable tool for learning proper movement and kinaesthesia. This method is a perfect complement to a pregnancy back ache relief regimen.

Massage therapy is perfect for a pregnant woman. Not only will it quiet angry lower back muscle pain, but it will also increase relaxation in the entire body.

Back exercises can be excellent to relieve pregnancy back symptoms. Some of the most popular forms of gentle exercise appropriate for a pregnant mom-to-be include: tai chi, yoga and Pilates.

Pregnancy Lower Back Pain Suggestions

Pregnant women must be very brave. They must suffer a wide range of uncomfortable and downright painful experiences during the entire pregnancy process and know for a fact that this ordeal will culminate with the birth. The mere fact that so many women thrive during these trying times is testimony to their resiliency and inner fortitude.

Simply understanding that some degree of lumbar pain is normal is half the battle. This alleviates the worry factor endured by so many women who just want to be sure that everything is fine with their precious child. Hopefully, the pain will be nothing more than an inconsequential memory after the birth.

Our proven pain relief program is both safe and effective for pregnant women. In fact, so many mothers have written to us with thanks for helping them through very difficult times during their pregnancy. The program is available 24 hours a day to provide immediate help for those who need it most, including pregnant women.

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