Maintaining Proper Spine Health

Spine Health

Spine health is an important part of maintaining one’s general wellness throughout a lifetime of aging and activity. A healthy spine will help to ensure that all other bodily systems will continue working optimally, while damage or disease to the spinal structures can have dire systemic effects.

The spine is a crucial part of our anatomy which gives us our mobility, flexibility and structure. The spine is durable and very capable of performing all the tasks required of it. However, it can fall victim to degeneration, disease or trauma. The individual components of the spine were designed to last a lifetime under normal use, despite deteriorating with age. It is important to take good care of your spine in order to stay healthy and get the most out of life.

This guide helps educate readers about the importance of keeping the spinal structures healthy. We will provide tips on preserving form and function, as well as warning of lifestyle scenarios that are hazardous to the vertebral column.

Spine Health Guidelines

The spine needs care and consideration, just like any other part of the anatomy. The spine generally has simple needs, but these requirements must be met in order for the backbone to function properly. Here are some valuable insights that might assist any reader in keeping their spine flexible and strong at any stage of life:

Exercise is good for your spine. Physical activity promotes powerful supporting muscles and ligaments, as well as strong vertebral bones.  Resistance training will increase the density of spinal vertebrae and helps to ward off such damaging conditions as osteoporosis. Exercise is also vital to create positive circulation of blood and nutrients to the spinal structures.  People must remember to participate in some form of exercise throughout their entire lives.

A proper diet is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle and is also necessary for the spine to build and repair itself. Make sure to give the spine all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients it needs to become optimally healthy. Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are all crucial for keeping the spine in top form.

Proper use of the spine is important. Make sure to use proper form and technique in all physical activities, in order to prevent injuries. 

Do not abuse the body physically or chemically. Do not smoke or use drugs, since these substances contribute to the escalation of the degenerative processes in the spine and throughout the body. Be very careful with alcohol use.

Respect the spine and it will hold up for life.

Degenerative Spine Health

Individual structures in the spine are often blamed for causing the growing epidemic of back and neck pain conditions. Degeneration is commonly targeted as the process that creates most pain syndromes in the spine. 

The reality of the spinal degenerative processes is that they are normal and universal. If they were the actual cause of pain, we would all have identical versions of back or neck pain.

Proven clinical research shows no definitive link between typical spinal aging and the incidence of suffering from any type of back or neck pain. It is important to fully comprehend that deterioration of the spinal structures will affect each and every one of us, as humans. Being diagnosed with any form of vertebral or intervertebral degeneration should never be a shock, but instead, an expectation. Just because a spinal tissue has changed or aged, does not mean that the condition is in any way pathological.  Therefore, even marked degenerative changes may not be responsible for enacting pain.

Remember that many back and neck pain conditions are idiopathic and coincidental to the spinal aging that is easily visualized on diagnostic imaging studies and subsequently blamed as the source symptom-generating mechanism.

Tips for Maintaining Spine Health

The spine is a much maligned structure. It is popularly thought to be a weak point in our anatomy and the source of pain for millions of patients around the world. Naive people even speculate that the simple act of standing upright is the cause of our present day back pain nightmares. In reality, the spine is an evolutionary marvel, designed by nature’s very best biological engineers. The human spine is the very structure that allows the incredible diversity of physicality that we enjoy. 

The vertebral column also protects our sensitive internal organs and provides a safe conduit for all our neurological functions. We could never have evolved to our current level of advancement without the spine being such a vital part of our development.

There is no doubt that if you take care of your spine, your spine will take care of you. A healthy spine is one of the most important factors in determining who will live a long and pain-free life. Do everything to foster a strong and resilient spine and you will benefit with increased functionality and decreased symptomology throughout life.

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