Eating a Back Pain Diet

Back Pain Diet

A back pain diet is one holistic and proactive solution used by patients all over the world to combat the ravages of dorsopathy. Proper nutrition is important for your general health, but is also crucial to maintain a healthy back and spine. Remember that the food you eat actually becomes part of you. If you fill yourself with junk, then you are literally building your body out of garbage. Instead, fuel your body with a balanced diet and your back may potentially reward you with less pain and better functionality.

This resource section contains discussions which focus on using dietary and nutritional treatment for back and neck pain, as well as for a variety of related health conditions. We will investigate the legitimacy of dietary therapies and provide guidance for patients who are looking for safe and natural methods of treating pain.

Dietary Applications

Although dietary alteration is used to treat the full range of back ache issues, I find it to be especially prevalent in the fibromyalgia and osteoporosis treatment sectors.

I know for a fact that good nutrition can contribute hugely to the prevention of porous bones and can also be useful in reversing existing bone density issues. This is documented medical truth and not the subject of any argument. Vitamin D, calcium and magnesium are the big 3 when it comes to osteoporosis diet help.

As far as fibromyalgia, things are not so crystal clear. In fact, they are a complete mess! I have witnessed the birth and death of countless dietary theories which are supposed to be causative, contributory and curative for FMS. I never saw any credible evidence supporting any, yet this has not stopped opportunistic care providers of all types from readily treating patients with various concoctions of herbs, vitamins and even inedibles.

Being that these products and services are often offered “under the table” or as “health and beauty aids”, they are not regulated or proven in any way. Women have died as a result of some of these, but in rare circumstances, of course. Far more often, the poor victim is simply taken for a ride financially and left to suffer with their unresponsive pain and a broken bank account to go along with it. Sad.

In cases where dietary change did cure FMS, I immediately think placebo. The possibility does exist that the treatment had actual positive effects, but in these cases, the diagnosis was probably skewed from the get-go and consisted of an obvious dietary problem rather than FMS.

Dieting for Back Pain

One way to avoid some forms of common back pain is to lose weight. Obesity is sometimes the primary cause of spinal discomfort and is often a contributor to the worsening of a pre-existing structurally-motivated back pain condition.

Losing weight for back pain is a great treatment option that is free and self regulated. The added benefit of a back pain diet is an improvement in your overall health and external appearance.

Back Pain Diet Supplements

There are many nutritional supplements that can be added to your dietary intake. Whole foods are great, but for some people taking a supplemental pill or drink is the easiest way to add necessary nutrients into their daily routine.

Many patients swear by the healing powers of glucosamine and chondroitin. These substances are thought to help rebuild cartilage in the body and improve joint health.

Make sure to investigate which nutrients are missing from your normal diet and then take the recommended daily allowance for each. There is no need to overdo it with the quantity. In fact, some supplements can be harmful in large doses.

Use common sense and consult a doctor or nutritionist before starting any program of utilizing supplements for back pain. In very rare cases, a specific deficiency in the diet can cause pain to occur in the body. If your blood work shows an obvious imbalance in a certain nutrient, then investigating vitamins for back pain may help to bring your body back into harmony and decrease your symptoms to a large degree.

Herbal Back Pain Diet

There are many herbal ingredients that can be used to create an all natural dietary back pain program. Herbs for back pain have been used for thousands of years to treat many common symptomatic conditions, both internally and externally. Many prescription drugs contain herbal ingredients and the powers of these extracts have been time tested and scientifically proven.

As always, be careful with what herbs you add to your back pain diet, as some can have negative side effects and others may interact with prescription drugs or alcohol. Consult a doctor or herbalist for detailed information on the best additions for your particular diagnosed condition.

Guidance on a Diet for Back Pain

I have seen many fads come and go in the dietary treatment sector. For a time, the answer for virtually every ailment came in the form of a vitamin, mineral or supplement. How much of the research supporting these various theories and speculations was true and how much was anecdotal, coincidental or pure hype is the cause of much speculation.

I personally have tried a wide range of herbal and dietary supplements over the years, mostly as recommended by my various chiropractors. None seemed to have any effect on my body or my back pain, for the better or the worse. I found them to be a waste of money, but I also eat pretty healthily normally and might not have needed them. This is not to say that you might not benefit from the very same things which failed me.

Chronic back pain may not be the direct result of poor eating habits. However, medicine has proven that the muscles, discs, nerves and bones in the spine all require distinct nutritional ingredients in order to function properly. If you have back ache, why take the chance that what you eat is actually making your symptoms worse?

Be smart. Eat healthy and build a strong body and mind. The answer to your particular problem might just include a proper back pain diet. The worst that can happen is that you become healthy and strong. Why not give it a try?

I talk more about specific guidance towards eating a balanced and spine-friendly diet in my Back Exercises and Stretches and Preventing Back Pain books, both of which are available on our Cure Back Pain Forever Program page.

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