Will Spine Surgery Cure Back Pain?

Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is a hallowed part of the traditional medical approach to treating back pain. Spinal operations have been used to treat almost every type of back ache condition, illness and injury. Technology has improved year over year, leading to better surgical results and fewer complications. However, spinal surgery should still be a last resort when it comes to options for achieving back pain relief.

It is simply a matter of facts which warn patients to be wary of surgical intervention. First, risk and complications abound. Next, many conditions which are treated surgically turn out not to be the actual source of symptoms. Last, most patients do not enjoy lasting relief and some get worse, much worse, after their operations are completed.

Always take your time when considering surgical intervention as a treatment for dorsalgia. Rushing into surgery is a sure recipe for disaster in most instances. Let's discuss why surgery is such a risky proposition for back pain sufferers to undertake.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Almost every traditional surgical procedure can now performed in a minimally invasive variety. Instead of large open surgical wounds with multiple levels of tissue and muscle dissection, many procedures are now done using several small surgical incisions. These small incisions can be optimally placed to allow the surgeon access to the problem area without the need to disturb surrounding healthy tissue.

Catheters are inserted into the surgical wounds and small precise instruments are inserted into the catheters to perform the surgical procedure. These minimally invasive procedures use fluoroscopy and fiberoptics to view the interior of the body. The technology of these modern spinal surgeries is amazing and truly creates the environment for a faster, safer and more comfortable recovery for the patient. If you do have to undergo any spinal operation, finding a minimally invasive version of the technique is the way to go.

Spine Surgery as a Treatment Option

Back surgery should only be considered if there is no doubt as to the actual cause of the pain. Statistically, pain syndromes which have not resolved after a variety of conservative measures of care also respond badly to surgical treatment. Misdiagnosis of the true cause of the pain is the #1 reason for poor surgical results.

If many conservative treatments have failed, make sure to get a second opinion on the diagnosed condition before even considering surgical correction.  

If the diagnosis is not accurate, the surgery will fail, just as all the conservative treatments failed.

Spine Surgeons

Make sure to shop around when it comes to finding a surgeon to perform any spinal operation. Many orthopedic surgeons are not up-to-date on all the latest procedures and techniques in this fast changing field. Just because you have been under the care of a particular doctor does not mean that you have to allow that doctor to perform surgery. If you have to be undergo a major operation, make sure that the actual surgeon is the best and most knowledgeable available.

Remember, if the diagnosis is right, then the most influential force in how a procedure will turn out is certainly your choice of surgeon. Make this choice carefully.

Spine Surgery Results

Spinal operations are sometimes used as a big ticket item to add lots of profit to a doctor’s economic bottom line. Some less honorable practitioners set up a long regimen of unsuccessful treatments ending with a surgery for the big bang of money at the end. Unfortunately for the patient, most of these treatments are either unnecessary or poorly prescribed, and the surgery is used prematurely.

Back surgery is not a decision to take lightly. Very few back problems will ever require surgery. Many conditions can be cured through conservative treatment or might resolve with the passage of time alone. Remember, even with all the latest technology, spinal surgery is still traumatic and involves considerable risk. Think long and hard before agreeing to put your body and future health on the line.

Be very careful with doctors who use fear tactics to get you onto their operating table. Dire warnings of paralysis, disability and increasing pain are usually myths. Be sure to get another opinion or two before agreeing to treatment with these kinds doctors and their strong-arm tactics.

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