Tension Myositis Cure Program

Tension Myositis Cure

A tension myositis cure is a much misunderstood concept, even among patients who embrace the principles of mindbody medicine. Tension myositis syndrome (TMS) is an epidemic condition that affects billions of patients worldwide. Many patients never realize they have TMS, since their doctors have misdiagnosed their pain. Most commonly, the pain is blamed on some coincidental innocent spinal structural condition, while the true emotional source continues to cause havoc for years or even an entire lifetime.

I have great empathy for these patients, since this was also my fate for 2 decades. I suffered with horrible symptoms which were mistakenly linked to innocent structural conditions in my spine, while all the while, the true symptomatic issues in my mind raged out of control. However, in my case, I was lucky enough to find a cure, since I acknowledged the true mindbody origin of my pain and was therefore able to target it effectively for the first time using therapies that are specifically designed to resolve psychoemotional symptomatic syndromes.  

This essay details the process of curing mindbody health issues using holistic and risk-free methods of care. If you need a tension myositis cure, then you are certainly in the right place.

Search for a Tension Myositis Cure

Patients who are lucky enough to even suspect that their pain might be caused by some psychological process are in the minority. These patients are at least on the right path and have some hope for a real cure for their painful conditions. Many of these patients find books written about psychological back pain and learn to apply the concepts to their own experience.

This is precisely the way I started on the road to my own cure after 18 years of suffering. I began reading the literary works of Dr. John Sarno and these led me to discover the huge variety of writings on the subject of mindbody medicine from such noted authors as Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Deepak Chopra. These books are available for free in your local library, so research is fast and budget-friendly. If you like what you read, you can always buy a copy in softcover on Amazon, or at your neighborhood bookstore, for a few dollars. There really is no risk here at all.

Doctors Providing a Tension Myositis Cure

Many patients bring up the idea of TMS as the true cause of their pain with their doctor. This usually sets the patient back a step, since some medical practitioners are not ready to accept the fact that a psychological process can indeed cause severe physical pain. It just proves that all the knowledge in the world does not teach common sense.

With all the research currently available on the topic, and the ever increasing expansion of mindbody treatments in a diversity of medical specialties, I simply can not imagine how any doctor could take a stance against this possibility at this stage of clinical medicine.

A few patients will continue their quest towards a cure for their self diagnosed TMS by seeing a doctor that is trained in the treatment of this condition. Some, such as myself, are fortunate enough to actually consult with Dr. John Sarno himself. Dr. Sarno is the father of TMS and there is no one in the world that is more knowledgeable about the specifics of this cruel and nondiscriminating pain syndrome. Unfortunately, he is now retired and no longer seeing patients in his New York office.

Tension Myositis Cure Reality

Even Dr. Sarno will tell you that no one can cure you of TMS, since there is no sickness or disease to cure. The real answer to ending the pain is inside each and every patient. The hard part is actually discovering the psychological issues causing the pain and finding ways to acknowledge and accept those emotions.

In order to accomplish this, a patient might need to continue using knowledge therapy alone or might require the services of a psychotherapist to truly beat the pain. Most can continue to learn about their pain and defeat it using tools no more fancy than a book or 2.

It sounds amazing right? Well, it is true. Dr. Sarno tells that the majority of patients who seek knowledge therapy care will find lasting relief. This is very good news in a medical industry which often disappoints rather than rises to meet or beat patient expectations.

Help on Achieving a Tension Myositis Cure

Examine the history of your pain. Be objective. What is your diagnosis?

Learn all about the facts of this condition before you proceed. Ok, so now you understand what you are supposed have wrong with your back.

Does the clinical profile of your pain make sense for the diagnosed condition?  In some cases, it may be. In others, there are subtle or glaring inconsistencies. How many treatments have you tried? Why haven’t they worked. Physical pain is typically very responsive to proper treatment. Does your pain seem to scoff at a variety of back pain treatment options? This stubborn nature is a very strong indicator of TMS pain.

Don’t expect a confirmation of the TMS diagnosis from your neighborhood doctor. They may still be operating in the dark ages when it comes to mindbody medicine. You must be knowledgeable and confident enough to explore the possibilities alone. It is a scary concept and often a lonely journey. However, the reward of a truly pain-free life is worth it 100%.

Luckily, there are more professionals qualified to provide TMS diagnosis and treatment each year. Hopefully if you need assistance, there will be one near you to lend a hand in getting you on the right path back to good health.

Our proprietary pain relief program integrates all the best TMS treatment practices to provide the most rewarding therapeutic outcomes for patients, even when they have not responded to Dr. Sarno's approach to care. Our program is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world to help you right now.

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