What Causes Tight Back Muscles?

Tight Back Muscles

Tight back muscles are sometimes an indicator of imminent back pain. Other times, tightness is a chronic concern that can create worry and discomfort for a very long time-frame.

Tight muscles are a natural expression of conscious and sometimes subconscious stress. Many patients experience muscle tightness just prior to having an acute attack of pain and others experience a constant tightness corresponding to their chronic back pain conditions.

Tension is not a natural condition for normal muscles. It is generally a symptom which has a definitive source process involved. In some people, muscular tightness is certainly a purely physical condition, often sourced by previous back injury or some anatomical defect or deficiency. However, when these circumstances do not apply, yet chronic tension remains, the cause may certainly be the mindbody interactions. After all, if we feel tense inside, we will be tight outside.

This dissertation focuses on explaining the origins of tightness experienced in the muscular structures of the back and neck.

Physical Tight Back Muscles

Muscles can become tight due to a minor back injury or overexertion. Physically-induced tightness is always possible, but usually resolves quickly and without treatment. The best remedy for physical muscle tightness is a simple massage and some heat therapy. Water-based treatments are also wonderful to relax tight muscles. Hydrotherapy and aquatic therapy are both excellent means of treating muscular back conditions.

It is not advisable to take pain management drugs for muscular back pain, unless absolutely necessary. Especially dangerous are the powerful prescription meds that can have harmful side effects and associated risks for addiction.

A few people are affected by muscle imbalances. These lasting physical deficits occur when a paired muscle group is drastically unequal in their physical abilities. This can create a tight tense feeling which may remain for a very long time if not properly diagnosed and treated. That being said, the vast majority of muscle imbalance diagnoses are incorrect, lack definitive evidence and amount to little more than an excuse to blame otherwise idiopathic pain.

Psychogenic Tight Back Muscles

Some of the most common reasons for ongoing muscle tightness in the back are conscious stress and subconscious repressed emotional issues. The mind and body work together in all aspects of our lives, including causing and curing all manner of injury, disease and pain. When the mind is burdened by painful or troubling emotions, it often makes the physical body share the load.

Conscious stress can create the tense feeling of being on edge. This condition will often last until the cause of the conscious stress is resolved and often even a bit longer.

Far more severe is the constant muscle tightness and chronic back muscle pain associated with repressed subconscious emotions. Psychosomatic back pain is rampant and can last for many years.

Muscle tightness is an extremely common symptom of almost all psychosomatic syndromes and muscles are often painful to the touch and sensitive to movement and activity. In these patients, the tension created internally is simply expressed in the body. The anatomy becomes a mirror of the internal processes, if you will and tight back muscles result.

Analysis of Tight Back Muscles

Tightness in the muscles has an equal chance of being physically or emotionally enacted. If you have overused your back muscles and are experiencing some pain and tightness, relax. This condition will not last long and will not leave any permanent damage.

However, if you have long term muscle tightness and pain, you need to find help. Medical treatment often blames this type of pain on some coincidental spinal scapegoat condition. This misdiagnosis often keeps the patient in treatment for years looking for some form of relief. Of course, medical treatments will not help a psychosomatic condition and the patient is usually left with a treatment resistant form of suffering which is a mystery to doctors and therapists.

In order to provide relief from mindbody-sourced chronic muscle tightness and pain, you need to learn more about knowledge therapy. This risk-free and cost-free treatment option can root out the underlying reasons why tightness exists inside and eliminate it from creating anatomical manifestations outside.

Be very wary if you have no significant structural injuries or physical reasons for tightness, yet are diagnosed with symptoms linked to some minor spinal issue. In many cases, this path is damned from the get-go, potentially placing you further away from a cure than ever before.

Investigate all possible reasons for chronic tightness and be sure that the symptoms can sensibly correlate to any diagnosis you are given before undergoing treatment. This is the way to avoid becoming yet another patient disappointed by horrific therapy results.

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