Dr Jose Luis Rugerio

Dr Jose Luis Rugerio

Dr. Jose Luis Rugerio is a traditionally-trained physician who specializes in percutaneous hydrotomy.  Dr. Rugerio is a board-certified surgeon who has extensive experience with a wide range of conditions and therapies.

Dr. Rugerio has enjoyed a long and interesting medical career in France, as well as in his home county of Mexico.  He is a citizen of both culturally-rich countries.  Dr. Rugerio speaks fluent Spanish and French and is also skilled in the English language.

Jose L. Rugerio, MD is very interested in health and wellness on personal, as well as professional levels.  He cites jogging and swimming as his preferred fitness activities. He also enjoys reading and cooking healthy meals to enjoy with his wife and 2 daughters.

Dr. Rugerio’s clinic is famous for its medical tourism packages, attracting clients from around the world to benefit from treatment in a vacation setting.

Dr. Jose Luis Rugerio Degrees and Affiliations

Mexican Board Certified Aesthetic Laser Surgeon, Medical Specialty #8179043

Mexican General Medicine Doctor License #1178200

French General Surgery Diplomate, University of Nantes, France 1984

University of Paris Certification in Laparoscopic Surgery and Percutaneous Hydrotomy 1995

Member of the French and Mexican Society of General Surgeons

Member of the Percutaneous Hydrotomy International Association

Medical residency in France at Nantes University Hospital, Cholet Hospital, Chateaubriant Hospital, Ancenis Hospital in Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery, Proctology and Digestive Surgery, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery from 1984-1994

Private practice in France, performing Orthopedic, Traumatology, Proctology Surgery and Percutaneous Hydrotomy 1994-2007

Private practice in Mexico performing Aesthetic Laser Surgery and Percutaneous Hydrotomy 2007 to present

Dr. Jose Luis Rugerio and Percutaneous Hydrotomy

Percutaneous hydrotomy therapy is used to treat spine and joint discomfort that is thought to be caused by such diagnoses as arthritis, herniated discs, arthrosis and other chronic pain producing disorders.  The philosophy of treatment is unique in the dorsalgia sector, using injection therapies consisting of essential trace elements, Quinton isotonic sterile sea water containing 92 chemical elements from Mendeleev's periodic table, as well as a mixture of vitamins and minerals.

Treatment results in removal of toxic heavy metal deposits from the treated regions, generation of new mucous membranes and the reduction of compression and inflammation that are known to cause pain and functional limitation in affected anatomical regions.

Magnetic resonance imaging has shown dramatic reduction in herniated disc severity following percutaneous hydrotomy therapy.

Percutaneous hydrotomy is said to produce long-lasting positive results with no adverse secondary effects or substantial risks. The injection process does not use analgesics, steroids, or other harmful substances.

Treatment has been successfully applied to resolve back and joint pain, arthritis, intervertebral herniation, spinal stenosis, TMJ/TMD, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a host of neuralgias including sciatica, as well as other problematic conditions.

Read our interview with Dr. Rugerio detailing his use of percutaneous hydrotomy for back pain.

Contact Information for Jose Luis Rugerio, MD

The Pain Medical Center
Salida Real a Queretaro # 189
Colonia Centro
San Miguel de Allende
Gto, Mexico 37700

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