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about back pain

Many patients write to us with questions about back pain. This is no surprise, since I am well aware how little most doctors tell their patients about their diagnoses. When I was going through the diagnostic process, many of the findings on my own imaging reports were a mystery to me, since some of my care providers did not take the time to really explain the conclusions to me in a way which made any sense.

Among the tens of thousands of questions that we get each year, the vast majority are simply looking for an explanation of what is wrong with them and why their pain will not get better. Shame on the doctors who did not even answer these simple and right-to-know queries.

All About Back Pain

The first thing to understand about back pain is that chronic cases are often NOT structurally-induced. At least not from the variety of normal spinal abnormalities typically blamed for pain. In some cases, there is an actual anatomical issue causing enduring symptoms, but these patients do not generally write to us, since there is no doubt as to the real causative issue.

The rest of you write with questions about herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, arthritis in the spine, back muscle pain and a host of other virtually universal conditions which statistically seldom source lasting symptoms. However, this is a fact your doctor may have neglected to mention.

About Back Pain Facts

Here are some fast facts about back ache which may surprise you:

Back pain is one of the most misdiagnosed health issues in the world.

Some doctors generally have a completely mistaken view as to the true causes of back pain.

Back surgery is statistically almost never needed to resolve pain. In fact, surgery makes matters worse in a great number of patients.

Staying in treatment for months, years or decades will not increase your chances of finding a cure. In fact, patients who have pain for more than 1 year have a better chance of continuing to be in pain for life than they do of ever finding a cure.

Just because a doctor or chiropractor works on spines all day does not mean they have any idea how to cure you. Most treatment is symptomatic in nature. In other words, it is slavery. How many people do you know who have achieved true and lasting cures and no longer need treatment? Not many, if any.

The cure for most chronic pain, regardless of where it exists in the body, is typically within reach of the average patient, without any medical care at all. In fact, studies have clearly shown that some back pain patients who do not seek any form of treatment recover faster and more completely than patients who do seek any type of care. This is incredibly frightening.

About Back Ache Finale

I hope this article makes you a bit mad. It made me mad to write it. However, sometimes, an emotional reaction is just what we need to wake up and stop being led around like a zombie by care providers who do not know why the pain is there, guess as to the source, create and apply treatments which do not target the actual underlying causative issue and charge us a huge amount of money to do so.

Learn the facts about back pain and take control of your life once again. I can tell you that dorsopathy can and will ruin your life if it has not already done so. You can get your life back, but you may have to be able to accept a paradigm shift in your thinking. Hopefully, this article may put you on the right path towards health, instead of medical slavery and chronic suffering. The first and most important step is learning all you can about back pain.

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