Accu-Spina for Back Pain


The Accu-Spina is another strong contender in the ultra-modern spinal decompression therapy arena. The machine is designed and built by the North American Medical Corp. This particular decompression device uses a patented process known as IDD or Internal Disc Decompression. IDD creates a vacuum effect, also known as negative pressure, inside bulging or herniated discs. This vacuum helps to restore the disc to its original shape, shrinking the herniation and creating a healing environment. Obviously, this makes the IDD system particularly well suited for patients with diagnosed problematic disc pathologies.

Let's take an in-depth look at the Internal Disc Decompression system and its applications for back and neck treatment.

Accu-Spina Therapy

The machine is used for the treatment of several specifically diagnosed spinal conditions including herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, facet joint syndrome, sciatica and general lower back pain. The treatments last about 25 minutes and are not typically painful or stressful to the patient. Many patients actually report feeling a sense of relaxation during treatment and some feel immediate back pain relief. The average patient will receive 20 sessions over the course of approximately 6 weeks. Some patients might require follow-up sessions throughout their lifetimes if symptoms return.

Luckily, this decompression program can be started again at any time for a "refresher" to the original course of therapy. This makes it ideal for patients who suffer recurrent bouts of compression at particular spinal levels.

Accu-Spina Outcomes

Spinal decompression demonstrates very good treatment results for appropriate indicated conditions. Treatment with the Internal Disc Decompression method is no exception to the rule. The machine boasts up to an 86% success rate for symptomatic resolution of general back pain problems. The results are better for disc conditions than for facet joint syndrome or nonspecific dorsal pain.

The theory behind the decompression process is logical for many diagnoses, unlike many other treatment modalities. This is a refreshing change in the sometimes senseless way in which medical science has treated back pain.

Accu-Spina Machine

The machine itself is a marvel of technology, employing the latest computer-controlled programmable decompression systems. The patient is fitted with custom harnesses and loaded into the machine to be treated in a supine position.

The doctor or technician will program the machine to treat the specific area of pain and the precision of the device is simply amazing. Patients are even entertained during treatment using the built in CD/DVD player. This is a nice touch which can help put patients at ease.

The Internal Disc Decompression machine is distributed exclusively through the Adagen Miami Corporation.

Guidance on the Accu-Spina System

I am a fan of nonsurgical spinal decompression for patients who suffer from true physical disc pain conditions. I do not see the same long-term benefits in facet syndrome patients, but the results are statistically acceptable.

When compared to the cost, risks and poor results of back surgery, I think spinal decompression is a strong contender for consideration. I would always advise a patient to explore and exhaust all their noninvasive options before even thinking about undergoing an operation. The cost of the therapy program is fair and the results are generally good according to treated clients.

One thing I particularly like about the product website was the mention of a patient’s attitude being important to a positive treatment result. This is a start in accepting the mind’s ability to influence the physical body and therefore gets bonus points in my book. After all, with the rapid growth of the mindbody sector, care providers are fast learning that you either get on board this train or you get left behind. Still, I guess the latter is still better than the fate suffered by doctors who vehemently spoke out against mindbody therapies, since now they have been run over by that very same train.

Remember that many patients actually suffer from psychosomatic back pain which can not be cured by any physical treatment modality, except through temporary placebo effect. This might help explain why some patients do not respond well to any type of decompression therapy.

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