Prescription Drugs for Back Pain

Prescription Drugs for Back Pain

Prescription drugs for back pain are the most commonly utilized and popular forms of long-term symptomatic relief for many patients. While drugs are a seemingly easy solution to many pain problems, the reality of ongoing drug usage is very harmful to the patient’s health. Very few patients start taking prescription back pain drugs with the knowledge that they will likely someday have a crucial problem to face. This problem comes from the necessity to continue taking the powerful medications to maintain relief, despite the numerous health risks, financial burdens and the potential for addiction. Of course the alternative is to stop taking the drug, bringing the pain back at heights previously unimagined.

This guide provides proof positive of the risks of prescription drugs used to treat back pain.

Prescription Drugs for Back Pain Concerns

Many doctors give patients far too much credit in being able to monitor and control their drug usage. Most patients do not want to abuse their prescribed drugs, but often have severe symptoms which might cloud their better judgment. Many back pain patients take more than their recommended dose of prescribed medications and others take the drugs far too often. This leads to a reduction in the effectiveness of the given drug to enact pain relief, as well as a substantially higher risk of drug related complications or dependency issues.

Doctors must explain these risks in great detail before allowing patients to start a prescription drug program towards back pain management. Unfortunately, most do not say more than a few words about the powerful nature of these drugs and some simply hand out the pills like they were a reward for a well-behaved child.

Prescription Drugs for Back Pain Companies

Back pain treatment is a huge industry. Leading the economic charge are the pharmaceutical corporations. Universal and continuous use of pain medications is the goal of many of these companies. The longer a patient relies on the drug, the more money a company will make. This is a sizeable factor in how a corporation educates doctors to promote the proper use of the drug.

Although extended use of any drug should be avoided if at all possible, the drug companies make sure to provide the prescribing doctors with plenty of literature promoting their product as an acceptable ongoing solution for back pain sufferers.  After all, what are the alternatives?  

Many companies also offer financial encouragement to care providers who prescribe their products. In essence, they pay doctors to give the medications to their patients. It is that simple. Call it a medical kickback.

Prescription Drugs for Back Pain Suggestions

Just because a drug will not kill you outright, or cause obvious and immediate health risks, does not mean it is good for you. Simply because you received a prescription from a doctor does not mean that the pharmaceutical product is safe. Generally, drugs are poisonous to your body and might do possible permanent damage to some anatomical systems.

It is important to learn all about any proposed drugs before acquiescing to their use. Once you have developed a dependency on a given drug, it will be far too late to easily stop, even if you want to cease use. Do yourself a big favor and think very carefully about using drugs to remedy your back pain. There are many other treatment options for pain relief that offer comparable results without the risks.

To learn more about better options for back pain relief, please read my pages on holistic therapies and natural back pain remedies. At the very least, take it upon yourself to open a dialog with your physician about the risks of the products they recommend. If they are honest, they will tell you in full about the many known and unknown possibilities for dire health issues. If they are greedy or unethical, they might just close the dialog immediately and hand you a new prescription. In this case, I would crush it up and throw it in their face as I walked out the door to find a new and better doctor.

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