Weight Loss for Back Pain Plan

Weight Loss for Back Pain

Weight loss for back pain is a smart and holistic choice among treatment options which is sure to provide many health benefits besides a better back. Obesity is a condition that can both cause and worsen chronic back pain. Increased weight always applies added pressure to the spine and the entire anatomy. If you already suffer from back ache, the extra stress can only make your symptoms worse. If you are severely overweight, the obesity can be the actual cause of your discomfort.

Obesity back pain is certainly no joke. In fact, obesity is considered the number one health crisis in the developed world today. There is no single health or lifestyle factor which increases your chance for chronic pain and an early demise more than being morbidly overweight.

This guide explains how losing weight is not only a healthy choice for height/weight disproportionate patients, but might also provide partial or total relief from common back ache syndromes.

Reasons for Weight Loss for Back Pain

Ok, so now we know that being overweight is bad for the back. That’s the bad news. Ready for the good news? There is none. Sorry. But, there is worse news.

Obesity is a real killer. Obese people have a drastically increased risk of serious health problems such as hypertension, heart attack, stroke and diabetes. These conditions make back pain almost seem like fun.

Being drastically overweight is bad for you and bad for society. If you do not care about your own health, maybe you might care about the financial cost that obese people place on our society. No one ever talks about it, but the actual fiscal cost of obesity in America alone in enumerated in the hundreds of billions of dollars yearly. Obesity is known to increase the chances of developing the following potentially painful conditions:

Disc disease

Herniated discs

Spinal stenosis


Back muscle pain

Chronic pain syndrome


Vertebral fracture

Spinal arthritis

Sacroiliac pain


Facet joint syndrome

Weight Loss for Back Pain and General Health

It is important to keep your weight in a range that is healthy for your height, bone structure and age. People who are more than 20% above their recommended maximum weight are considered obese. Unfortunately, this describes more and more of the world's population, especially in developed countries.

It is crucial to think of your health, more than your appearance, when considering weight loss for back pain. Of course, it will be nice to fit in those clothes that are too small now. It will be nice to wear that bathing suit again. All the compliments from friends and family will be great. However, the main reason to lose that extra weight is to stay alive for those who love you so much. Is that extra helping of food worth dying 20 years before your time, leaving your loved ones mourning you? 

Hmmm, when you put it that way…

Weight Loss for Back Pain Advisory

Please, consider your general health. You require a balance of proper nutrition, exercise and self discipline. If you like to eat, that’s great; just eat healthily. Minimize fat and reduce consumption of empty calories. Replace junk food with high quality, nutritious food. Become more active in life.

Sometimes the best type of exercise is informal. Go for a walk with your family. Save money on gas by walking to do local errands. There are so many ways to get in shape. Find an activity you enjoy and use it to help you get rid of all that deadly excess weight.

Being a martial arts instructor and a certified personal trainer, I have always followed a program of proper nutrition and exercise. I found that as I get older, I get better. I know that the many years of maintaining my health will become more of a benefit as I age. Maintaining is always easier than changing. However, if you find yourself in need of a big change, go for it! You can do it. If you need help, consult with a nutritionist and fitness trainer. The small investment of money will pay off huge dividends for your health.

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