Back Pain Research Agenda

Back Pain Research

Back pain research is an ongoing quest for discovering the true causes of back ache conditions. There are many worthwhile research projects doing their best to find objective data on why most varieties of back pain are so rampant, long lasting and treatment-defiant. Unfortunately, many important research projects are funded by large corporations specifically involved in one particular aspect of back pain treatment. This often puts a tunnel vision perspective on the scope of the research and a definite partial slant on the results.

In fact, some research endeavors have predetermined conclusions in place before they even begin and all that is left to do is provide any semblance of evidence which may support the outcome. Is this research? No, it is marketing and spin-doctoring.

Back Pain Research Studies

Doctors and scientists work hand in hand in many back pain studies. These projects are typically very costly and involve the coordination of resources, professional synergy and test subjects. This can be a daunting and extremely expensive proposition. In order to finance these projects, doctors require corporate financial support.

The corporations will only finance clinical study projects that will pay off for them in the long run. This makes it very difficult to put together a completely unbiased team to complete a given project.

The overwhelming majority of research studies are actually organized and run completely by these same huge healthcare companies. This way, they are in control from the very beginning and can direct the research to fit their objectives.

Research is supposed to be done to come to an impartial conclusion based upon accurate collection of patient data. Instead, most of these studies begin with a preordained conclusion and progress by finding appropriate data to fit that conclusion.

Psychosomatic Back Pain Research

It is virtually impossible to do accurate research on psychosomatic conditions of any type. Conditions which exist in the body, but are caused in the mind, do not lend themselves to the laboratory standards of traditional medical science. Instead, psychosomatic conditions and treatments can only be accurately studied by following patient histories. This process is by far the most arduous type of research project and is extremely labor and resource intensive.

Add to these difficulties the pure fact that it is almost impossible to monetize a treatment program for a psychoemotional back pain condition and it is easy to see why this category of pain syndromes has been systematically swept under the rug.

The very people who deny the existence of the mind’s ability to create physical symptoms are the very same people who stand to make billions from the multitude of treatments and products associated with providing back pain relief.

Summary of Back Pain Research Outcomes

Most large scale studies involving back pain are undertaken by international companies that are trying to promote a product or service which will be used in the treatment of that very condition.

Drug companies, orthotic makers, surgical equipment manufacturers, surgical implant designers and medical technology suppliers are all involved in creating statistical studies to support use of their particular products. None of these companies are without selfish motivation which will certainly skew research results.

Drug companies, in particular, have blundered more studies than can be counted, at the expense of millions of patients who have endured harmful side effects from back pain drugs which were marketed to the public regardless of risks.

Surgical suppliers and manufacturers are directly responsible for millions of unnecessary spinal surgeries performed every year, simply for the sake of profit.

It is an unfortunate part of any capitalist society when money has to come before the general good of the population. It is also an undeniable and unavoidable part of our world today. Just remember these thoughts next time you read the latest news in back pain research and have to decide your own path towards treatment. Doctors and medical engineers also have economic motivations and more progress has been made in the name of money than has ever been achieved in the name of science.

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