Having Back Pain During Period

Back Pain During Period

Back pain during period is also commonly called menstrual back pain. Having a sore, achy back, along with many other related symptoms, is par for the course when a woman is premenstrual or actually having her period. These symptoms are mild in most cases, but they can be severe on occasion and may be frequently agonizing for a select and unfortunate sampling of women every month.

Although some degree of discomfort is normal and expected during menstruation, there are a number of possible solutions for severe pain. If you are suffering greatly and recurrently during your period, it is time to talk to your doctor about getting help. This dialog will provide some ideas for discussion with your physician.

Back Pain During Period Information

The monthly period can be a real trial for some women. Besides back ache, many women get regular headaches and stomach discomfort. Some women suffer a variety of digestive tract concerns, including constipation, diarrhea and gas pains. Many women suffer emotional concerns, such as depression, anxiety, irritability, malaise or moodiness.

Any anatomical pain can be the result of bloating, water retention, dehydration or chemical issues in the body. All of these factors are normal during the menstrual cycle.

A minority of women endure severe pain in their uterus, far beyond cramping, and this pain can radiate into the lower back and hips in certain instances. These types of truly torturous symptoms should always be thoroughly investigated by a qualified physician.

Back Pain During Period Solutions

There is little which can be done to prevent the monthly back pain, cramping and related symptoms which accompany the period. There are some pharmaceutical products available over the counter and by prescription, but some have side effects which may be worse than the original symptoms. Always be cautious about overusing any drug for monthly period discomfort.

Some women find that eating a particular diet or staying well hydrated may help reduce symptomatic menstrual expressions, although these solutions do not work universally and may be due to the placebo effect in some cases.

Some birth control products are useful in decreasing monthly symptoms, while others reduce menstruation to only a few times a year, eliminating the pains associated with a normal period. This latter option has become very popular with women who seek to avoid having their periods as much as possible.

Back Pain During Period Advice

Most women learn to grin and bear the pain of their monthly period. Some women are super lucky and do not have any significant discomfort at all. Other women are cursed with severe and regular symptoms which may last up to 12 days in some cases, making life truly challenging for almost half the month.

In these circumstances, it is wise to see your OB/GYN and discuss treatment options which may bring considerable relief. Just remember that virtually all solutions will have side effects and these may be dire in rare cases. Be sure to discuss all risks of pharmaceutical and hormonal modalities with your doctor in great detail, prior to beginning use.

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