Back Pain Help, Please Hurry!

Back Pain Help

Back pain help is on the way, faster than a speeding snail... The reality of curing back pain is often a dismal picture for patients who simply can not find lasting relief from their painful symptomatic conditions.

Whether you are new to the back pain experience and looking for answers and advice, or a seasoned back pain veteran who is at the proverbial end of their rope, help is available. However, finding the correct type of help for your particular condition might not be as easy as it might seem.

This discussion assists back pain sufferers in finding the help they need to get better.

Back Pain Help from your Doctor

Ok, so your back hurts, now what? Well, you will probably go to the doctor. Here is where the first potential problem arises. Doctors are experts in traditional medical procedures; the very same procedures which often demonstrate horrible curative results for common back pain.

Studies have found that patients who do nothing at all to treat their pain will recover twice as fast as patients who consult a physician. I am not suggesting that you ignore your pain and I do advise getting a check up for any new pain syndrome. However, I am also trying to open your eyes to the common problems associated with the diagnostic process. Remember that medicine is a business, and as such, care providers are in it to make money. Some much more than others...

Back Pain Help Diagnosis

The typical diagnostic procedure often discovers some spinal abnormality in the approximate area of the spine associated with the painful symptoms. Many times the exact symptoms do not correlate to the discovered condition, but that spinal irregularity is blamed for the pain, nonetheless. Sometimes, no abnormalities are found and the doctor might blame the symptoms on some other condition which is almost impossible to verify as the exact cause of pain. 

The 2 most common conditions targeted for this occurrence are sacroiliac joint dysfunction and the even more popular piriformis syndrome. Maybe you were diagnosed with some muscular condition, such as an imbalance, weakness, deficiency or other soft tissue pathology which can not be proven thorough diagnostic imaging.

The reality of back pain has been proven time and time again in research studies. Symptoms are rarely the result of spinal abnormalities and the vast majority of asymptomatic people have identical spinal irregularities as patients who experience pain. This little known factual information is the basis for patients being enslaved in long-term treatment protocols due to the utter misdiagnosis of pain from coincidental and innocent back pain scapegoat conditions.

Back Pain Help from Treatment

Ok, so you have a diagnosis. Who knows if it is correct? Maybe yes, maybe no… Regardless, you have to do something, so you proceed with the recommended treatment. Many treatments do not seem to help much, if at all.

The doctors are concerned with your lack of progress and might recommend more invasive therapies. You achieve minor relief over the course of months, but are still in substantial pain.

Sound familiar?  Yeah, for me also.

Maybe you attempt some chiropractic or other alternative treatment and see some good results. Unfortunately, these results fade fast and eventually you only get a very short period of relief from each therapy session. Every once and a while you might think this is doing more harm than good, especially after more than one painful adjustment.

You decide that it is time to try something new. By this point, you have found a specialist in back pain. This doctor might recommend surgery. You might agree. You might endure a torturous operation and recovery period only to find that you still suffer daily with the worst pain yet. On top of it all, your mobility and functionality are now permanently reduced.

How did this happen to you?

What could you do differently to achieve a much better result?

The Reality of Back Pain Help

I hope that you did indeed stop short before reaching a desperate post-surgical end result. I hope this information reaches you in time to give you slight pause. In order to fully recover from back pain, you must learn everything there is to know about your condition. You should study various resources from a variety of authors. Do not become sucked in to any one approach to back care before learning about all your options. Do not allow a doctor to intimidate or frighten you into some drastic procedure.

If and when you agree to surgery, or any treatment, make it an informed choice based on the facts and have confidence in that choice. Back pain is often far less physical than it appears to be. Likewise, many treatment choices may fail or succeed based on personal belief and placebo factor alone. Call it blind faith efficacy.

I have already made a lifetime of mistakes for you. Don’t follow in my footsteps. I suffered endlessly and worse yet, needlessly, for decades already. These times was supposed to be the best years of my young adulthood, but were spent in utter misery instead.

I want you to be pain-free. I really do. It is my most sincere wish for all of you. Please, spend the time to learn the facts for yourself. After you have done so, then you can proceed as a learned and informed scholar on back pain, rather than fearful and unsure lambs to the slaughter.

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