Give and Take Back Pain Advice

Back Pain Advice

Every patient needs an expert source of back pain advice that they can really trust. Patients with severe chronic back pain are usually frustrated and fearful due to their problematic spinal conditions. Patients need answers to their back pain questions and often reach out for help to various sources of information.

While no quality advice is bad, some sources of information can leave damaging nocebo effects which can influence the patient’s health condition for the worse. It is crucial to understand the motivational components of any informational source before relying on it as your only source of advice on back pain.

Back Pain Advice from a Physician

Most patients rely heavily upon their doctor as their primary source of advice. This is a smart decision, since your doctor is educated on all the factors which make up physical back pain conditions. If you have done your job well and selected a knowledgeable and caring physician, you can usually be assured of receiving good advice when it comes to diagnosis and prognosis of your back pain condition.

If your doctor offers advice which does not seem correct to you, or puts undue pressure on you to acquiesce to a treatment option you would rather avoid, make sure to get a second opinion. A doctor’s job is to help, not frighten, intimidate or take advantage of a patient’s painful condition.

Any doctor who uses a time of suffering and crisis in a patient’s life purely to gain financially should be removed from the medical profession, at the very least.

Back Pain Advice from Books

There are a great number of books and magazine articles written to give patients a wider scope of advice on their painful backs. Some of these are excellent and highly recommended, while others are little more than long winded commercials trying to sell a particular product or service.

It can be difficult for a patient who is in desperate pain to distinguish the good sources of advice from thinly disguised commercial presentations. Patients are advised to really investigate all materials before using or recommending them as objective sources of back pain information.

Some authors who can be recommended as open minded authorities on back pain, and many aspects of total health, are Dr. John Sarno and Dr. Andrew Weil. These are 2 of my favorite authors who have changed the lives of millions with their insightful writing concerning a variety of health issues. Of course, we can wholeheartedly recommend our own excellent books, since our pain relief program is safe, effective and acclaimed by healthcare providers worldwide.

Online Back Pain Advice

Running a quality internet site devoted to back pain is not an easy job. There is a constant barrage of potential advertisers who promise tons of money to promote garbage products and services. The web can be like the Wild West when it comes to back pain information.

Patients are advised to be especially careful about looking to internet sources for advice on back pain. Short basic websites promising miracle cures are around every corner on the search engines. Likewise, huge corporate websites are actively promoted by search providers, yet contain only surface writings on general health topics. We are shocked at the lack of quality back pain information available on the most popular web health portals. These mostly read like Wikipedia and do not deserve the amount of traffic they receive. They are simply not helpful. While the internet is an incredible tool for learning, one must follow a few basic rules in order to protect oneself from fraud and misinformation:

Read in detail and make sure the information makes sense to you.

Think about who is writing the text (if a name is even given) and what is their motivation for writing. Are you being sold something?

Analyze the experience of the author (if that information is even provided.)

Research the author further online. A good author will show up in many search results as having several sources of credibility.

Be very cautious of expensive programs of any type. Many of these treatment regimens are simply a rip off of overpriced garbage and recycled information.

Collection of Back Pain Advice

Cure-Back-Pain.Org is devoted to you. I do not mind providing a behind-the-scenes look into running a health website in order to help you to avoid potential advice problems. I am involved in the internet back pain field, but I am also highly critical of it. While I do not agree with the content on many sites, there are some which are always a great source of information about physical back pain conditions.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many junk products exist on the WWW. Be careful with your money, but even more so, be careful what and whom you believe when it comes to listening to back pain advice.

My quest is to help you. That is the bottom line. I consider it a great responsibility and a great privilege. Remember that I am one of you. I will never forget what you must endure every day while living in constant pain, since I have resided in this same world of suffering myself. We are kindred spirits.

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