Using Back Pain Pressure Points

Back Pain Pressure Points

Back pain pressure points are areas of tenderness and extreme sensitivity throughout the back. Palpation of these delicate points will produce pain in the corresponding muscles and ligaments. Pressure points can be used in both the diagnostic and treatment processes. Pressure points are an important component of acupressure treatment and directly relate to the ancient internal energy theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This treatise focuses on explaining how pressure points might elicit pain, as well as how they might be used to treat some forms of dorsal symptoms.

Back Pain Pressure Points Diagnosis

Applying pressure to these sensitive points helps back doctors and therapists determine the precise nature of the pain condition.

Back muscle pain is often characterized by tenderness in certain specific points that relate to the location of the injury. The extent of sensitivity will help the care provider to determine the severity of the injury and its effects on the surrounding tissue. Palpation of pressure points is also used in the diagnosis of tension myositis syndrome and fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is diagnosed by standardized criteria of pain in several specific pressure points on the anatomy. Patients usually display pain in at least 11 of 18 pressure zones across the body.

During his many years of research on psychosomatic back pain, the world famous Dr. John Sarno noticed a direct correlation between patients with a variety of chronic pain syndromes and common painful pressure points on the back and body.

Back Pain Pressure Points Treatment

Pressure points are used in many back pain treatments. Acupressure and several styles of massage therapy apply direct force into or around the sensitive pressure points in order to enact curative processes, including increased circulation and cellular waste product removal.

It is common to forcefully massage areas of tenderness in order to work out knots from muscles and other soft tissues. Pressure points are also used in acupuncture as a guide for needle placement and chi/qi balancing techniques.

Back Pain Pressure Points Conclusion

Understanding bodily pressure points is an important part of martial arts training. It is also a valuable commodity of knowledge for doctors and complementary therapists. Pressure points can be used to apply pain or healing to the body depending on how they are utilized.

I have studied advanced pressure point manipulation for both self defense and healing, for many years, with some of the finest practitioners in the world. In this respect, I have been very fortunate. I have seen the power of pressure point manipulation and the definite effects it can have on the body.

There is no doubt that patients suffering from many common pain syndromes experience symptoms in specific points of their bodies. These points help doctors to diagnose the conditions and also aid in facilitating treatment. To learn more about specific medical uses for bodily pressure points, consult a professional massage therapist, acupuncturist or acupressurist.

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