Wearing Back Pain Shoes

Back Pain Shoes

Back pain shoes are special custom footwear designed to help improve posture and gait, as well as cushion impact which transfers to the spine when walking or running. These products can be whole shoes or merely inserts to be placed in existing shoes.

Some experts believe that some forms of back ache are due to bad posture caused by unnatural foot positioning in poorly designed shoes. Virtually all doctors believe that impact can exacerbate pre-existing back and spine conditions.

Another common name for these back pain relief products is orthotic shoes. Specialized shoes used to treat back ache can be very costly and some are even custom made to order. Be careful about spending a lot of money, when less expensive options may be able to provide comparable or even better results at a fraction of the cost of some devices.

This dialog explores the use of quality footwear to prevent some types of back pain, as well as effectively treat other painful conditions which already exist.

Styles of Back Pain Shoes

Shoes for back pain come in many styles and offer something for everyone. Insoles can be rigid, flexible or even made of soft and comfy gel. Shoes might be tailored towards athletic applications, work applications or dress utilization.  In fact, some shoes are specially manufactured to suit the demands of highly specific activities, such as walking, standing, running, cycling and weight training. The orthotic shoe business is huge and manufacturers are always trying hard to design the perfect pain-preventing footwear.

It is especially important to wear proper shoes when exercising. Exercise is one of the biggest causes of foot and ankle injuries. Always make sure to use the correct footwear for every athletic activity.

Please read more about shoe inserts for back pain.

Orthotic Back Pain Shoes

A good pair of orthotic (or regular) shoes will have certain positive characteristics. They will fit your feet comfortably, both in length and in width. They will not be too tight, nor too loose. The arch of the shoe will correspond to the shape of the arch of your foot. The insole will be firm, but cushiony, and should be comfortable for standing or walking.

Many patients can avoid buying custom designed and fitted shoes by simply shopping in quality shoe stores which cater to special needs clients. Many brands offer shoes which work excellent for absorbing shock and providing a perfect fit for much less expense than customized footwear.

It would be a shame to spend hundreds of dollars on a single pair or shoes or inserts when you could revamp your entire shoe wardrobe for the same cost.  Additionally, the biggest and best shoe manufacturers have billions of dollars invested into research and development, which simply can not be matched by most small scale custom shoe makers.

Results of Using Orthotic Shoes

I do not think that the primary cause of most back pain is the shoes a patient wears. However, it can be a contributing factor to the symptoms in some cases. If you wear 6” heels on a daily basis, you might be in for some problems long-term. Be sensible and wear good quality shoes that fit your feet correctly.

If you have sensitive feet or numerous foot problems, then custom orthotic shoes might be perfect for you. I would recommend seeing a qualified podiatrist for advice on foot treatments using special shoes or inserts.

Wearing only high quality shoes are also a popular method of reducing the variety of foot pain syndromes which can occur.

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